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T.J. Dillashaw: ‘I wanna fight Jose Aldo so bad'

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Can T.J. Dillashaw become the first fighter to hold two UFC titles at the same time?

The UFC bantamweight champion, who is expected to put his title on the line against former titleholder Dominick Cruz in 2015, told Team Alpha Male Radio he wants a shot at UFC featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo.

"I wanna fight Aldo so bad, dude," Dillashaw said. "I will beat Aldo. I wanna fight him.

"I respect him, he’s an awesome fighter."

Aldo, 3-0 against Team Alpha Male fighters, recently defended his title against Dillashaw’s teammate Chad Mendes at UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dillashaw vs. Aldo won’t happen anytime soon, so the bantamweight champion expects Cub Swanson to get the next shot at the 145-pound title after his upcoming bout with Frankie Edgar at UFC Fight Night 57 on Nov. 22.

"I hope Cub Swanson wins," Dillashaw said. "I like Frankie Edgar as a fighter, but Cub Swanson is a super cool dude and his stand-up gotten so much better. We have already seen Frankie Edgar fight Aldo, it wasn’t even close. He got beat by Aldo. I wanna watch Cub Swanson against Aldo. I think he should be the next one to fight him if he beats Edgar."

Aldo holds wins over both Swanson and Edgar, an eight-second knockout in 2009 and a unanimous decision in 2013, respectively.

"I know, but Swanson has gotten so much better. And Aldo is not that fighter anymore," Dillashaw said. "Aldo is not that aggressive fighter anymore. He’s different. He’ll let you in the fight a little bit."