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Morning Report: Stephan Bonnar denies Tito Ortiz' claims of spying, explains how disagreement with Dana White led him to Bellator

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Greasin'? Fine. Questionable hand wraps? Sure. But deep cover espionage? Perhaps you were correct to balk at the notion.

After Tito Ortiz claimed earlier this week that he had not only conspired to have his Bellator 131 opponent signed by the promotion, but to have planted a mole into his training camp, Stephan Bonnar isn't buying it.

"That's hilarious," Bonnar told Severe MMA of the claims. "He's just fishing for something. The bottom line is [wrestling coach] Paul Herrera is not working with him. Paul Herrera's working with me on my wrestling defense and what Tito's good at.

"I could watch Tito's fights. I know them all. I know his double leg, his underhook to knee tap. We worked on defending his game. If it is true, it doesn't matter because my wrestling got a lot better working with Paul Herrera. No one else can be in the cage with Tito."

Scoffing at the idea that Ortiz orchestrated a plot to fight him on his own terms as a dig at UFC president Dana White, Bonnar doesn't believe Ortiz would even be capable.

"He is full of s**t," said Bonnar. "And that stuff he said about Dana White, too? Like, [He] wanted the fight to be in the UFC and he masterminded it. He's so full of s**t. Tito's too dumb to pull any of that anyway."

Bonnar's last fight in the UFC happened to be a 2012 non-title, main-event against then-champion Anderson Silva at UFC 153, but says he accepted retirement after 'not seeing eye to eye' with White over his future.

According to Bonnar, White refused to book him against higher profile names once he gave up the light-heavyweight title pursuit in favor of marquee fights.

"I accepted that and moved on with my life," said Bonnar. "But then Bellator gave me a ring and music to my ears. This is the kind of fight that sparks my interest.

"It's a big fight. It's what I wanted. I can't ask for anything more. It's a blessing. I'm getting paid money to punch Tito Ortiz, probably the biggest a**hole the sport's ever known. Someone's going to pay me to do that? That's truly a blessing."

Bonnar faces Ortiz Nov. 15 in the main event at Bellator 131.



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All clear. Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar pass random drug tests prior to Bellator 131.

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