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Vitor Belfort submits to random Nevada Athletic Commission drug test

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Buda Mendes

Vitor Belfort's next fight is in California, but that doesn't mean Nevada has backed off its promise to drug test him.

Belfort, as a condition for licensure in Nevada during a July 23 Nevada Athletic Commission meeting, was told he'd be randomly tested by the state on a regular basis.

The first such test came on Saturday, as first reported by Yahoo Sports.

According to the report, blood and urine samples were collected by a commission rep at Belfort's Florida home on Saturday. NAC executive director Bob Bennett indicated Belfort was cooperative in thaking the test.

Belfort, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, will challenge Chris Weidman for the middleweight title on Feb. 28 in Los Angeles. The bout was originally scheduled for Dec. 6 in Las Vegas, before Weidman had to withdraw with a hand injury.

The Brazilian fighter has a history of both steroid test failures and testosterone replacement therapy usage, the latter of which was legal but is no long allowed.

Additionally, sources tell that Belfort alone was tested; Weidman was not.