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Rick Story suffered broken ankle en route to defeating Gunnar Nelson

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Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Rick Story's decision win over Gunnar Nelson on Saturday in Sweden was impressive enough on its own. It's even more impressive after finding out that he broke his ankle midway through the fight.

According to Story, he believes the left ankle injury occurred in the second round of the five-round bout. Story was about to take an MRI when contacted by Tuesday night, and he said he would know more about the nature of the injury after meeting with his doctor on Wednesday. The initial diagnosis, according to Story, was that he suffered a fracture in his tibia.

Story, who tweeted a picture of the injury on Tuesday, was not sure how long he'll be sidelined for or whether he'll need surgery. He said he felt pain in his foot during the fight but was unclear how severe the injury was at the time.

The win improved Story's record to 17-8, while Nelson fell to 13-1-1.