I have looked at all the problems with our current 10 Point Must System and a lot of people tend to think the current system is fine, the problem is the judges. Although there is a judging problem in fighting, the current system displayed today is the main problem. Even with a good judge there are a lot of fights where one fighter does just enough to win the round and gets scored 10-9, and another fighter does more, maybe not enough to end the fight but enough to take the round and that gets scored 10-9. The problem is those are two completely different rounds yet they both get scored the exact same. The min/min system not only eliminates that problem, but also adds more clarity to the judges for bad decisions. What needs to be understood is a MMA match is a fight until it goes to a decision, than it becomes a sport. And with the min/min system each minute being scored does a very crucial thing. It judges based on what actually happened in the fight, not what could have happened. If fighter X is convincingly winning 4 minutes of the fight and fighter Y rocks his opponent but he survives the round, to most with the current system, that means fighter Y won the round, but that’s not exactly true. Yes fighter X got rocked in the last minute and survived the round, but if it goes to a decision, what fighter X did the majority of that round still counts. Now fighter Y’s ending minute might make the round much closer but it doesn’t throw away what happened the previous four minutes. That’s why the min/min system is important. It scores fighter for what actually happened in the fight. It also makes it very easy to look at the scorecard and see just exactly what happened in the fight and why the judge scored it the way he did. It’s much easier to defend your score for 1 minute than it is to defend your score for 5 minutes. This system would take away a lot of the controversy of "Who really won." Controversies like GSP vs Hendricks, Jones vs Gustafsson, Edgar vs Maynard I and etc. In regards to the judges using the Min/Min System, its much simpler, easier and more accurate to score 1 minute than it is to score 5 minutes. I’m really interested in hearing your opinions on this system and any suggestions that can make this better, or any concerns because something needs to be done and I really want to push this.

Minute/Minute Scoring System

• With each round being 5 minutes, the judge scores each minute as its own individual round.
• Each minute gets scored 10-10 (action draw), 9-9 (no action draw), 10-9, 10-8 and 10-7.
• At the end of the 5 minute round, all the scores get added up to give you the winner of the round.
• Once all three or five rounds of the fight are completed, the totals get added up to give you the end result of who won the fight.
• If the referee deducts points, each deduction is 5 points. (ex: 10-9 round with current system is 50-45 with min/min system. So 1 point with current system equals 5 points with min/min system.)

I'll give you an example, this is how I scored the Cerrone/Alvarez fight

Donald Cerrone Eddie Alvarez
R1) 10,8,9,9,10=46 10,10,10,10,9 = 49
R2)10,10,10,10,10= 50 10,9,9,9,9=46
R3)8,10,10,10,10=48 10,9,9,8,9=45

Winner 144 Loser 140