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Morning Report: Joe Rogan comments on 'stoolgate,' believes Yoel Romero should have been disqualified

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Calling the action from cageside at UFC 178, commentator Joe Rogan was closer to 'stoolgate' than just about anyone else.

After middleweight Yoel Romero survived a barrage from Tim Kennedy late in round two, the fighter delayed the start of the third by remaining on his corner stool for approximately 30 seconds longer than the prescribed one minute break period.

Romero and his cornermen blamed the delay on an overenthusiastic UFC cut man smearing too much Vasiline into a cut, but Rogan saw the delay as an intentional tactic to let the fighter recover. Romero went on to win the bout just 38 seconds into round three via a vicious technical knockout.

"If Romero was standing up they might have said there was too much Vaseline on and it would have taken two seconds to wipe it off, but he still sat on that stool," Rogan explained on his podcast. "He sat on that stool. Just sat there. Tim Kennedy's in front of him going, 'What the f**k? Get up! What's going on?' [Romero's] still just sitting on the stool. That should be it. [Referee John McCarthy] should have called the fight right there. You can't just sit on the stool."

Rogan believes McCarthy was reluctant to stop the bout as not to rob fans of the excitement of a potential finish, but that ultimately the ref should have stepped in.

"You can't let that happen," said Rogan. "You don't expect it to happen but I guess you have to be diligent with some corners who, they know, know how to get themselves out of a f***ing situation."

Much more willing to forgive Kennedy's possible foul of holding Romeo's glove, Rogan believes the Cuban's indiscretion was much more egregious.

"Yoel Romero knew that the round [break] was over," said Rogan. "He knew he was getting extra break. 100 percent. One thousand million percent. He was sitting there. Kennedy was in front of him saying, 'What's going on? Get up!' And he still just sat there. That extra 29 seconds was f***king gigantic."



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Floor is set. Despite an absolute calamity, UFC 177 is estimated to have done around 125,000 Pay-Per-View buys.

Hendo to return. Dan Henderson wants to return at UFC 182 in January, but doesn't have an opponent or weight class figured out yet.




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Conor McGregor partying with Lorenzo Fertitta after UFC 178.


Long watches.

TeamAlphaMaleRadio 2014.10.02 (TJ Dillashaw)




Still trolling.


Simple enough.




Get well soon.




Friends, I'm ok, it's time to restart the career .Skoro meet again, but everything will be different.


I wonder.


Super Saiyan Rousey.



Announced yesterday (Oct. 2 2014)

Al Iaquinta vs. Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Rockhold

cancelled Norman Parke vs. Diego Sanchez at UFC 180



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via theFightWhisperer.

Gunnar by a snooze--why Rick Story is going to sleep

When Alexis Davis walked out to "Royals" by Lorde, for her recent title fight with Ronda Rousey I was aghast. "WTF is wrong with her?!?" I snarled at the flat screen above the taps at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had about a grand left in my bankroll that wasn't already committed to Rousey to finish the fight in under 2.5 rounds, at about (-220) or so, and I promptly put half of that on the same bet. I wasn't all in, but I was close.

Of course, Rousey finished the fight in 16 seconds, or 12 minutes, 14 seconds sooner than what I needed to win my bet. My point is not to warn you, not to congratulate myself.

While I was already convinced Rousey would finish Davis early, Davis' choice of walk-out music convinced me to throw one more bet against her. How could she get pumped up for the fight of her life to that??

If Gunnar "Gunny" Nelson walks out this Saturday to Enya, looking like he just got done with a full body massage in an aromatherapy chamber, don't call your bookie to get a last minute bet down on Rick "The Horror" Story(+260).


Check out the rest of the post here.


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