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UFC 179 undercard live blog: Macario vs. Magny, more

William Macario headlines the UFC 179 undercard with Neil Magny on Satuday night.
William Macario headlines the UFC 179 undercard with Neil Magny on Satuday night.
Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 179 undercard live blog for the UFC 179 event at the Maracanazinho in Rio de Janeiro.

There will be six fights on the UFC 179 undercard. William Macario vs. Neil Magny, Yan Cabral vs. Naoyuki Kotani, Scott Jorgensen vs. Wilson Reis, Felipe Arantes vs. Andre FiliGilbert Burns vs. Christos Giagos, and Fabricio Camoes vs. Tony Martin will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 179 undercard live blog below.

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Fabricio Camoes vs. Tony Martin
Round 1: Here we go, y'all. UFC 179. Lightweights kicking us off. Mario Yamasaki is the third man in the cage. They touch ‘em up and we're live. Martin circling and pawing out his jab. Slow start here, but a solid Camoes leg kick draws the first pop from the Brazilian faithful. Martin ducks under and dumps Camoes onto his back. Martin working from half guard. Camoes fishes for a kimura, Martin returns the favor. Camoes briefly sweeps off the fence but Martin rolls then wrenches on that kimura to take side control. Some nasty damage on Camoes' left arm from that submission, but he's surviving. Boom, there's the tap.

Tony Martin def. Fabricio Camoes via submission (kimura) at 4:16 of R1

Gilbert Burns vs. Christos Giagos
Round 1:
Lightweights here. Eduardo Herdy is our referee. Giagos goes over the top with a hard counter right and cracks Burns early. Burns responds by accidentally kicking Giagos in the nuts. Nice. We're back, and Burns goes the body. Giagos tagging Burns with looping shots, so Burns ducks under and blasts Giagos to the mat. Burns inches Giagos away from the fence then settles into his guard. Slick transition into mount and Burns is in total control. Burns postures up, then seizes a body lock across Giagos' back as Giagos tries to roll. Tough spot for the rookie. Giagos climbs up the fence with his feet to escape, but Burns latches onto an armbar in the scramble. Oh man, that's bad. Giagos has no choice but to tap. What a ridiculously slick finish.

Gilbert Burns def. Christos Giagos via submission (armbar) at 4:57 of R1

Felipe Arantes vs. Andre Fili
Round 1:
First fight on FOX Sports 1, and it's time for the featherweights. Fili repping Team Alpha Male, who could be in line for a big night tonight. Osiris Maia is our third man in the cage. We got a wild one here, they're slugging early. Fili wings a few more looping shots then trips Arantes to the floor. Fili postures up and rains down a few blows, then whiffs on a lunging knee to the body. Arantes pops to his feet then muscles Fili to the mat, transitioning right into mount. Furious action here. Arantes looks for some ground and pound of his own, but Fili explodes to his feet. Arantes hunting for a takedown along the fence but can't get it. Fili looks to be cut across his forehead. Arantes just manages to block a big head kick. Fili swarming with knees and kicks, and Arantes seems to be wilting. Another hard body kick from Fili, who then catches a kick and drives Arantes to the canvas. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Fili.

Round 2:
Fili immediately launches onto the offensive with knees and punches. Arantes dives low and works Fili to the floor, but it's short lived as the Team Alpha Male product takes top control with a slick sweep. Another sweep and Arantes ends up inside Fili's guard. Nonstop action and transitions. Arantes rains down a few short elbows, then gets cracked with an illegal upkick. Action resumes after a moment, and Fili changes levels and blasts right into side control. Sweep from Arantes and the Brazilian retakes top position, then goes to work with short elbows. Fili kicks him off, stands, then dumps him to the floor. Fili postures up and digs a hard shot to the body. Half guard for Fili. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Fili. (20-18 Fili.)

Round 3:
Fili stalking with heavy punches already. Fili backs Arantes up against the fence, shakes off a leaping standing guillotine attempt, then dives into Arantes' guard. A few scattered boos rain down from the crowd as Fili whirls into half guard. Arantes sweeps into top position, but just like that they're back to their feet. Fili ducks under for a single but can't get it, and ends up with his back to the fence. Arantes now fishing for a single of his own, and he turns the corner and gets it, settling into Fili's open guard. Big elbows from Arantes. Fili throws up his legs for a triangle/armbar! Fili commits to the armbar and it has a shot. Nope, Arantes squirms out, but Fili uses the momentum to drive the Brazilian into the floor. Lunging punch from Fili sends us home. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Arantes. (29-28 Fili.)

Andre Fili def. Felipe Arantes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Scott Jorgensen vs. Wilson Reis
Round 1:
Flyweight time. Flight delays caused Scott Jorgensen to miss his mark and weigh-in at 128 pounds. Marc Goddard is our referee. Jorgensen working outside leg kicks early. Jorgensen and Reis trade left hands and Jorgensen gets the better of it, briefly dropping Reis. Back up, and looks like Goddard missed an eyepoke on Jorgensen. Jorgensen powers through it and wrestles the fight to the floor. Reis quickly stands, and starts swinging. Oof, hard body kick hurts Jorgensen. He's hurt bad. Weis dumps him then swarms with punches. Bad, bad spot for Jorgensen. Reis sets up an arm triangle from mount, dives into side control, then squeezes hard. Jorgensen reluctantly taps.

Wilson Reis def. Scott Jorgensen via submission (arm triangle choke) at 3:28 of R1

Yan Cabral vs. Naoyuki Kotani
Round 1:
Back to the lightweights. Cabral's first fight at 155. Mario Yamasaki is the man in charge of the action. Cabral headhunting early with high kicks. Kotani ties up then reverses a body lock trip to settle into top control. Cabral works to his feet. Kotani slips on a body kick and Cabral lunges into his half guard. Cabral pins down an arm with his knee and smashes a few short elbows into Kotani's jaw. The action slows to a grind as Kotani keeps a tight defensive shell and Cabral struggles to advance position or mount any significant offense. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Cabral.

Round 2:
Kotani sporting a wide cut above his left brow from those elbows, and Cabral immediately cracks him with a hard straight right. Cabral clinches, then tosses Kotani to his knees with ease. Cabral takes his back as Kotani stands up wearing a fresh new Brazilian backpack. Cabral elects to slide off and we're back to the center of the Octagon. Cabral bulls inside once again and drags Kotani to the mat, then sinks in both hooks and takes his back. And just like that, it's over. Effortless rear-naked choke finish for Cabral in his lightweight debut.

Yan Cabral def. Naoyuki Kotani via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:06 of R2

William Macario vs. Neil Magny
Round 1:
Welterweights here to send us into pay-per-view. Neil Magny hunting for the elusive 5-0 year. The third man in the cage is Eduardo Herdy. Magny staying tall, tossing out low kicks. Macario elects to slug, but nothing lands flush early. Macario shucks off a level change then muscles Magny into the fence. Short uppercut off the break connects for Magny. Magny catches Macario at the end of a stiff double-cross, but Macario still headhunting. Macario trying to bait Magny into a firefight, but Magny staying composed and popping out his jab from outside the pocket. Good combination lands for Magny. Macario shucks off another half-hearted takedown attempt, then blasts Magny in the body. Magny successfully defends a blast double and that's huge, might have lost him the round otherwise. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Magny.

Round 2:
Magny keeping an active jab upfront. Macario eats a low kick and waves Magny forward. Macario stalks forward and wades into a heavy salvo against the fence. That one got this crowd going. Magny starting to open up now. And just as I write that, Macario cracks Magny with a big left hook. Macario digs to the body but can't follow up. Magny storms forward but eats a hard counter that drops him. Macario trying to pick his shots and methodically pour it on but Magny is avoiding everything. Magny survives, then blasts right into takedown into mount. Wow, what a momentum shift. This Brazilian crowd is getting restless. Magny stifling right now, steadily unloading hard shots from the top. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Magny. (20-18 Magny.)

Round 3:
Magny comes out aggressive. Macario welcomes it, waving him forward, but the Brazilian's punches are slow and sluggish at this point. Magny goes high-low. Magny's reach is a problem here, as he continues to keep Macario at bay with low kicks. Magny storms forward and unloads, dumping Macario onto his back and floating right into mount. Magny trying to end it right here, but Macario staying alive for now. Magny stands and just unloads with punches before diving back into top position. More punches, and this one is almost over. Magny just relentless. There it is, another salvo ends it.

Neil Magny def. William Macario via TKO (punches) at 2:40 of R3

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