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Conor McGregor on Dennis Siver's drug-test failure: 'I'm going to punish him for it'

Esther Lin

To say Conor McGregor has never been afraid to express his opinions would be an understatement.

So it should be no surprise that McGregor barely waited until the ink on the contract was dry before going after his next opponent's weakest point.

McGregor will fight Germany's Dennis Siver in the featherweight main event of a FOX Sports 1 card in Boston on Jan. 18: His failed drug test.

"I'm going to go in there and I'm going to rip his head off," McGregor told reporters Friday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "I'm going to punish him for it."

The 35-year-old Siver (22-9, 1 no-contest) tested positive for human chorionic gonadotrophin following what had been a victory over Manny Gamburyan at UFC 168. The bout was changed to a no-contest and Siver was suspended nine months.

While Siver has returned to action without further incident, McGregor (16-2) has made it clear he's not about to let the matter drop.

"Every fighter poses a threat," McGregor said. "I will not overlook any man. He has cheated in the past, that's another thing I will use to get in and put him out a bit more. He was caught with the stuff that hides it. That's how deep he was in that. How deep was he in that game that he was actually using stuff to hide it from the testing. That, to me, I don't respect that in a bit."

There has been much speculation on the timing of the Siver fight announcement, given that McGregor was considered in the running for the winner of Saturday's featherweight title bout between champion Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. But don't count McGregor among the second guessers.

"I think a lot of people they have that approach, they sit out and wait," said McGregor. "But in my mind, the belt is already wrapped around my waist. I walk about like I am already the champion. It is about money. I'm fit. I'm healthy. I want to compete as much as possible. I tried to get on the Mexico card a few weeks back. They pulled that. When Joe Lauzon got injured I tried to get on that again. I pulled that. So I just want to continue fighting. In my mind, its not a risk. I am the world champion eliminating contenders. I said before, one by one, each one of them will be gone. I am in the process of that."

When asked if Siver deserves a big main event bout so soon after a suspension, McGregor said it's simply the way things panned out. He also made a prediction.

"It is what it is," McGregor said. "When you look down the roster, there's a lot of people matched up. Plus, he spoke out of turn. He should have kept his mouth shut. There's two ways you can come at me. You can come in, you can keep your mouth shut, you can take your loss and you can continue your career. Or, you can open your mouth and I'll shoot you down and I'll end your career. He has chosen to open his mouth and I have chosen to end his career. This will be his final hurrah."

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