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Morning Report: Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold bicker over notorious sparring match, resumes and more

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Can you believe how close this fight came to not happening?

UFC officials had discussed Lyoto Machida being next for Luke Rockhold, but somehow Michael Bisping, or nature, found a way. Machida's loss is our gain as we're treated to yet another display of genuine animosity between two professional athletes who look to hurt one another in the near future.

Appearing on FOX Sports to promote their headlining bout Nov. 8 in Sydney, Australia, the pair of middleweight contenders didn't waste time before things got petty.

Quickly recalling their feud's origin story of a long ago sparring session gone bad, Bisping told Rockhold he needs to just 'get over it.'

"He's so upset about it," said Bisping. "He just won't shut up. Continually calling me out, so I returned the favor. I'm certainly not scared of the guy like he seems to insinuate all the time."

In 2012 on Spike TV's MMA Uncensored, Bisping dubbed himself 'The Unofficial Strikeforce Champion' after Rockhold stopped in to help the Brit prepare for his bout with Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7 in January 2013.

"My hands were on my knees for two rounds straight and you couldn't do a damn thing in the best shape of your life, as I'm switching my stance," Rockhold replied. "It's a sparring session. That's all it is. Why did you even talk about it?"

"You're so sensitive about it," Bisping shot back. "I made an off-the-cuff remark."

"A tasteless remark," Rockhold interjected.

"Whatever," continued Bisping. "I was having a laugh. That was a long time ago. Now we're going to fight. We'll get to the bottom of it pretty fast and I'll knock that smug look off your face."

"I'll knock that weak little beard off your face, too," Rockhold responded, taking the clear edge in facial hair.

Moving on to strength of schedule, Bisping made it sound as if Rockhold forced 'The Count' to spend quite a bit of time browsing Sherdog's Fight Finder.

"I've had to watch some of your fights and the majority of them, I don't know who they are," Bisping told Rockhold. "When you were fighting these randoms I was fighting world class..."

"You don't know who Tim Kennedy is? Who Jacare Souza is? Weird how it is," Rockhold interupted.

With Bisping complaining about his pre-2009 opponents, Rockhold could have saved him a Google.

"What happened to them? They all got dealt with in the first round just like I'm going to deal with you."

Wrapping it up with a quick prediction, Rockhold doesn't intend on putting Bisping away gently.

"I will stop Michael Bisping and there's a number of ways it's going to be done. I'm not really looking to take him down. Definitely not a submission, that's not punishment enough for this guy."

"No glove touch in this one."



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Hope they got it in one take.


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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via ZachSmart.

Is Conor McGregor a worthy contender of the next title shot?

Well isn't this man an interesting subject? His talk has received him the biggest buzz and 'hype train' in recent memory. Just 4 fights into to his UFC career Dana White is saying he is the "logical No.1 contender" since then there has been a outburst of unhappy tweets from top UFC featherweights, Conor McGregor is undoubtably a very unique prospect for UFC!

Whether he is fighting or just talking the self proclaimed 'The Notorious One' garners an exceptional amount of attention from fans, people just wanna see what this man is up to! So if you're the President or CEO of the biggest fight organisation in the world then you're more than likely look at Conor McGregor and see lots of dollar signs! With Conor's rapidly increasing popularity Dana White is saying he is the logical No. 1 contender, mix in the 3 finishes out of his 4 fights with the UFC, add 3 performance bonuses for those 3 finishes, then combine that with a overall 12 fight win streak. That makes for a logical No.1 contender ........ right?


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