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Morning Report: Anderson Silva believes PED users 'should have no more fights'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva knows a thing or two about cheaters.

The man spent nearly half his UFC career fighting opponents who had failed some sort of screening for performance enhancing drugs during their career. Throughout his historic 16-0 UFC run from 2006 to 2012, Silva defeated four different men who would later fail their post-fight test.

Taking a spin at 205 pounds, Silva quickly dispatched James Irvin in 2008. Irvin would go on to test positive for the illegal substance trenbolone, developed as a veterinary steroid generally used for livestock to increase muscle growth and appetite.

A year later at UFC 101, Silva took Forrest Griffin on a tour of The Matrix. The TUF winner's use of Xanax the night before did anything but enhance his performance.

Nearly putting Silva away at UFC 117 in 2010, Chael Sonnen would go on to fail his post-fight screening due to 'abnormally high' testosterone levels.

Finally, in what stands as Silva's most recent victory, Stephan Bonnar tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following UFC 153 in 2012.

Speaking with Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie, Silva says he's more concerned with the image of the sport than with his own safety.

"This is not bad for me, this is bad for the sport," said Silva. "People around the world love the UFC, but the kids love the UFC, and the families love UFC. It's bad for the sport. I don't think this is good because the sport can change the lives of the kids and the people in the world.

"When the guys test for the steroids, it's bad because this is a problem. It's bad not just for the UFC, but for the sport."

Silva believes PED users don't typically dabble in them and that offenders should be removed from the sport.

"When the guys test for the steroids, (they should have) no more fights," Silva said. "When you use the steroids, you use them for a long time. When you use the steroids for a long time, you have a problem. It's a drug and it's not good for the sport."

Despite that stance it appears Silva is willing to make an exception when it comes to Vitor Belfort. Belfort, who challenges middleweight champion Chris Weidman in February, has had his own set of issues with PEDs. Still, Silva told media Tuesday he'll be cheering on the fellow Brazilian.

"With all my energy I'm going to be rooting for Vitor to win."

Silva faces Nick Diaz Jan. 31 in the main event at UFC 183 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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