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WSOF’s Ali Abdel-Aziz: ‘Brazil is our No. 1 goal for 2015’

World Series of Fighting announced in 2013 plans to start a series of events in Brazil, but it never materialized. With 2015 around the corner, the promotion sees the Brazilian market as one of its top priorities.

WSOF was negotiating with Standout Fighting Tournament promoter Ivan Jatoba to build a partnership in Brazil, but it never reached agreement. WSOF is still in talks with Brazilian promotions and managers, but it's still far from a done deal.

"We still talk to a lot of people. If you go to Brazil, you need to have a partnership in Brazil," WSOF executive vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz told "The biggest mistake we can do is to partner with the wrong people, and this is something we’re very careful about.

"Brazil is our No. 1 goal for 2015. You can’t have a MMA organization without being in Brazil," he continued. "This is something we’re really looking forward. I’m just anxious and excited to go to Brazil."

WSOF expanded its reach with a couple cards in Canada this year, and makes another trip to Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday night. Brazil is an important market for the UFC, and WSOF wants to capitalize on that.

"Brazil is a huge market. We had a huge success in Canada and we have great partners in Canada. We’re looking for people (in Brazil) right now," he said. "We’re open. Anybody can contact me. If somebody thinks they’re going to be a great partner in Brazil, they can contact me.

"We’re talking to many people, but right now we haven’t found the fight partner yet."

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