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Morning Report: Matt Brown says female fighters don't have KO power and would prefer they fight topless

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

"Women were fighting?"

It doesn't sound like Matt Brown will be joining Armbar Nation anytime soon. On the mend recovering from two torn discs in his back, UFC welterweight Matt Brown got a few pals together for the inaugural episode of his podcast. In an obviously relaxed setting joined by a few like-minded friends, Brown began opening up on his thoughts on women's MMA. With the conversation centered on UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey's recent title defense to Miesha Tate at UFC 168, Brown was a bit reluctant to give the pair their due.

"The whole fight we have women in one room, men in another room," says Brown. "Rousey and Miesha come on and all the women just f*****g gather around the TV like it's the f******g Kardashians coming on."

"I always said, 'I don't know why they put women in the UFC.' Now I know why."

Resigned with the notion of women's MMA's likely continued existence, Brown offers some suggestions for improvement.

"I just think this, if I'm [going] to pay $60 for a Pay-Per-View to watch women fight they should at least be topless."

If that's the least they could do, I'd be interested to hear Brown's other plans. But back to more practical observations, Brown says the ladies just don't have the raw power to end fights.

"How many knockouts do you see in women's fights? It's not really my thing, I respect what they do, but look, they don't have the body type or the power, all that s**t, for knockouts. If you're not a good grappler in women's MMA then you're behind. It's no different than the 125 [pound] division of men's MMA in that they're just really not built for knockouts."

In complete fairness to Brown, he does immediately contradict himself in praise of flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and his spectacular first-round KO of Joseph Benavidez back at UFC on FOX 9. Brown was actually slated to face Carlos Condit at the same event, prior to his withdrawal due to injury. With news that Brown will avoid surgery, 'The Immortal' is hoping for a return to action in late spring or early summer.

Hear the episode below:



PPV, too. With the launch of their own digital network, the WWE's initial offering looks a bit stronger than the UFC's.

Real mean. Ronda Rousey is still convinced Miesha Tate's sportsmanship was 100% played up for the cameras. "Her actions were entirely influenced by being watched. My actions were all despite being watched."

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Ready for gold. Daniel Cormier says he believes a win over Rashad Evans sets him up perfectly for a light heavyweight title shot. "Nothing is promised in the UFC. If I fight well enough I hope to get the title shot."

Left to prove. Anthony Pettis says he hopes Anderson Silva decides against returning to fighting.




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Apparently, ROAD FC forced some prospect to spar a ring girl for a contract. I could be wrong. My Korean isn't great.

(via @BangPatrol)


Pat Barry clinging to the fringes.


Long watches.

Documentary: Chris Weidman's UFC title defense

Daniel Cormier UFC 170 media lunch scrum video




Fowl play? (I'm sorry)


Not many volunteers.


Best buds.


The Olympians.

and slightly less heated.






Too bad.


Cardio with Karo.





Announced yesterday (Jan. 8 2014)

Mitch Gagnon vs. Tim Gorman at Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale

cancelled Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Jared Rosholt at UFC on FOX 10



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Stylesmakefights.

Rashad can wrestle with Cormier. Here's why.

I think the question on the mind of many fightfans leading up to UFC 170 is whether former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans will be able to: A) stuff the takedowns of former Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier and B) whether Evans can in turn take down D.C. Based on his 48-34 won/loss record as a D1 wrestler at Michigan St., the obvious answer would seem to suggest that Evans has no business in Cormier's wrestling world. But if there is one guy in this sport, besides GSP, who has proven time and again throughout his career that collegiate and MMA wrestling are vastly different, it is Rashad Evans.

In January 2012 Evans made easy work of Phil Davis, a much more accomplished collegiate wrestler, mostly due to his superior wrestling ability that night. I certainly do recognize that Phil Davis the wrestler and Daniel Cormier the wrestler are totally different animals, with Cormier's wrestling accomplishments coming at the highest possible level. But would it surprise any of us if Rashad is able to successfully mix in a few takedowns in this fight? Personally I would not be surprised, and I'm even expecting it. Here's why:


Check out the rest of the post here.


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