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Dana White on Roy Nelson's NAC application: 'What a f------ moron"


LOS ANGELES -- Roy Nelson has applied for the Nevada Athletic Commission's executive director opening.

Let's just say UFC president Dana White isn't worried that "Big County" will be overseeing his Las Vegas events any time soon.

"What a f------- moron," was White's appraisal of the situation at a Monday media luncheon. "Let me tell you what, if he puts in an application at f------- Kinko's, he isn't getting that job. Let alone the Nevada state athletic commission."

On a more serious note, White says he doesn't have any real read on which way the commission is leaning as it looks to fill the role Keith Kizer will soon vacate.

"I've got nothing," White said. "Here's what they don't do. They don't call me and say ‘let me tell you what we're thinking.'"

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