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Morning Report: Dana White doesn't think Stefan Struve will ever fight again

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Speaking with CBS Washington's 106.7 The Fan, UFC president Dana White didn't sound all too optimistic regarding the future of heavyweight Stefan Struve. At just 25, Struve learned last month that he suffers from an aortic valve leak and enlarged heart, requiring surgery sometime in the near future. Here's what White told The Fan's Chad Dukes regarding Struve's possible return to the Octagon:

"Yea, what he has is a serious condition, you know, and I honestly don't think he ever will [fight again]," White said. "He's got a rip in his heart," he explained. "And you know, it's one of those freak things that happen to people, and I love the kid. The kid's got, no pun intended, but he's got unbelievable heart. He's tough as nails. He's the nicest guy in the world, and we're going to do everything in our power to help him through this thing."

While Struve remains in good spirits, he's been forced to reevaluate his training regimen to cope with his condition.

"We'll see what the medication does for my heart and the doctors will give their final view, and I'll get the final answer on my career. The thing is, they're (his doctors in Holland) not used to working with athletes. After they give their answer, we're definitely going to the United States for a second opinion to see what is best so I can resume my career and live a healthy life."

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via MMA Fighting member Jonnyboy6969.

Who Should Fight Who? UFC 163 Winners & Losers

Aldo should fight Lamas - Reason: Aldo looked good, he was winning the fight and then when Jung's shoulder popped out he swarmed on him like a shark that smelled blood. It was a solid performance, next should be Ricardo Lamas. I don't know who is going to get the next shot but Lamas deserves it and I hope he gets the fight. Its a very intriguing match up in my opinion and I think it'd be a good fight. Thats the fight I want for Aldo next and its the right fight. The situation at 145 is very interesting right now, in my opinion both Ricardo Lamas and Chad Mendes deserve title shots but I think Lamas should get his first since hes been waiting for a while to get it. Also Aldo might do the Super Fight against Anthony Pettis at 145 or 155 if that happens then Lamas and Mendes could fight and clear the #1 contender spot up a bit but if the Super fight doesn't happen Lamas should get the shot at Aldo's belt.

Jung should fight McGregor - Reason: Jung was doing good in that fight, he was losing but he wasn't getting his ass kicked. I'd like to see it again in a couple of years. If his shoulder didn't pop out of place in the fourth who knows what could have happened. I'm pretty sure he would have just continued to get outstruck for the next round and a half but still, I think we'll see a rematch at some point in the future. So Jung's going to be out for a while again and I think he'll get matched up with another fighter who injured himself in his last fight Conor McGregor. They should both be healthy and ready to go around the same time and I really believe this will be the fight that they make. I think it'd be an awesome fight, it'd be my pick for Fight of the night, hell Fight of the year even. I really hope this fight gets booked and I think it will.

Davis should fight The Winner of Teixeira vs Bader - Reason: I thought Machida won the fight but Davis did a good job of mixing things up and he definitely held his own against arguably the second best Light Heavyweight in the world so props to him. Obviously he got the win which is most important but I don't feel he really won it, never the less his next fight will be against one of the top guys in the division and I don't see any other option right now for him besides him facing The Winner of Glover Teixeira vs Ryan Bader. Thats the only fight that makes sense for him right now, I suppose he could also fight Chael Sonnen since the fight with Wanderlei has fallen apart but I think Davis will get The Winner of Teixeira/Bader over Sonnen. Plus it looks like Sonnen will be fighting Rashad Evans. So I think Davis will be fighting The Winner of Teixeira vs Bader and I think thats the right fight for him. I've wanted to see Davis and Bader fight for a long time now so that fight would be great and Davis/Teixeira would be very interesting. I hope this fight gets booked.

Machida should fight Kennedy - Reason: I think Machida won that fight but thats what happens when you leave it the moronic judges hands, sometimes you get screwed. It was a very close fight but I thought Machida did enough to win at least two rounds. Oh well. So I wanted to see him fight Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans or Shogun Rua next but hes going to be fighting Tim Kennedy and I think its a retarded match up. It makes zero sense but I think its a ploy to get rid of Tim Kennedy. I doubt they'd cut him with a loss here but another loss right after it could definitely get him cut and I think thats what they're hoping for here. I don't think it'll be a very good fight, either it'll be a borefest with one of them winning a close decision or Machida will come out guns blazing and just destroy Kennedy.

Ferreira should fight Sarafian - Reason: Ferreira looked great, very quick submission win. I was impressed. It looks like hes going to be fighting the man he was supposed to fight at UFC 147, Daniel Sarafian. If this fight does happen it'll be great. I think it does make sense and I'd like to see it happen sooner rather than later so I love this fight. If for some reason this fight doesn't happen next then Ferreira could also fight Dylan Andrews or The Winner of Natal vs Troeng.

Santos should fight Hall - Reason: Didn't really get to see a lot of Santos in that fight but getting subbed that fast is never a good look. For his next fight I'd like to see him fight Uriah Hall. I think this fight is perfect for Hall, they'd basically be feeding Santos to Hall but hes desperate for a win and this is the perfect fight for him in my opinion. Santos could also fight Trevor Smith or Papy Abedi.

Leites should fight Herman - Reason: Leites looked great, didn't look nervous at all. Like he never left the UFC. He dominated the fight and I was very impressed. Hes still one of the best MWs in the world. For his next fight I'd like to see him fight Ed Herman. I'm very interested in seeing this fight. I think it'd be great. I hope it happens. Leites could also fight John Howard or Brad Tavares.

Watson should fight Sakara - Reason: Watson got his ass kicked but hes tough as hell and he never gave up. I'm a fan of Watson's and I'm excited about his next fight. He'll be fighting Alessio Sakara and I love this fight. I think it'll be a stand up war. Really looking forward to that one.

Lineker should fight Harris - Reason: Very fun fight. Lineker looked good. He's fighting Phil Harris next, I think hes getting a rather easy fight here. I figured he was going to get a higher ranked guy but alright Phil Harris will work. Should be a good fight, whenever Lineker's involved its a good fight.

Tome should fight Gaudinot - Reason: Tome didn't win his fight against John Lineker but boy did he impress me. I thought he looked sharp, his strikes were looking good and he even had Lineker hurt at one point. For his next fight I hope he faces Louis Gaudinot. I think that'd be an excellent fight and I think it makes sense. So I hope that fight happens. Tome could also fight Darren Uyenoyama or The Loser of Joseph Benavidez vs Jussier Formiga.

Perosh should fight St. Preux - Reason: Wow, unbelievable. Nobody in the fucking world saw that coming. Perosh totally redeemed himself, he was knocked out in like 10 seconds by Ryan Jimmo so he goes out and knocks Vinny Magalhaes out in under 20. Very impressive win, he was probably going to be cut if he lost that fight so this win means the world to him I'm sure. For his next fight I'd like to see him fight Ovince St. Preux. I like that fight and I hope it happens. Perosh could also fight Francimar Barroso or Ilir Latifi.

Magalhaes has been cut. Now I know he got knocked out in less than 20 seconds but I don't think he should have been cut. Hes a great talent and I expect him to go out and win about 5 fights then return to the UFC around Winter 2014.

Nunes should fight Randamie - Reason: Nunes looked good, I hope to see her back in the cage soon. I'd like to see her fight Germaine De Randamie next. This fight makes sense to me and I think it'd be a very fun fight. I hope this one gets booked. Nunes could also fight Alexis Davis or Liz Carmouche.

Sheila Gaff has been cut. I'm sure she'll end up either back with the UFC or in Invicta after she wins a couple fights in some smaller shows.

Moraes should fight Pyle - Reason: Moraes looked great, his triangle was a thing of beauty. Can't wait to see him back in there. For his next fight I'd like to see him face Mike Pyle. I think this fight makes sense and I really like it. I hope this fight happens. Moraes could also fight Robert Whittaker or Brandon Thatch.

Magny should fight Baczynski - Reason: Magny didn't look good at all, hes disappointed in his last two fights, if he loses this next fight he'll definitely be cut. Hes fighting Seth Baczynski next and this is actually the fight that I wanted for him. I like this fight a lot, it makes perfect sense. I hope its a good one.

McCall should fight Moraga - Reason: McCall looked very good, his striking and speed was very impressive. It was a great performance in my opinion. For his next fight I'd like to see him face John Moraga. I really like this fight and I think it makes sense so I hope it gets booked. McCall could also fight The Winner of John Lineker vs Phil Harris or Tim Elliott.

Santos should fight Cariaso - Reason: Santos looked alright in that fight. He was in there with one of the best in the division and he did a good job. Hes fighting Chris Cariaso next and I think the fight makes sense. Its a big fight for Santos, both guys need a win badly. I'm expecting this to be a great fight. Looking forward to it.

Yahya should fight Elikins - Reason: Yahya looked good, he dominated that fight. Very impressive stuff. For his next fight I'd like to see him face another grappler, Darren Elkins. I think that fight would be fantastic, it could also be a very boring fight but I want to see it and it makes a lot of sense. So I hope that fight gets booked. Yahya could also fight Dustin Poirier or Dennis Siver.

Clopton should fight Pineda - Reason: He lost that fight and he was dominated but he was facing one of the best guys in the division. I hope he gets another shot and doesn't get cut. If he does I'd like to see him fight Daniel Pineda. I think this fight makes sense and I'd like to see it happen. Would be a fun fight. Hope that one gets booked. Clopton could also fight Godofredo Pepey or Cole Miller.

Barroso should fight Drysdale - Reason: Barroso looked good, It was a close fight but he pulled it off. I'd like to see him fight Robert Drysdale next. I like this fight a lot and I hope it happens. Barroso could also fight Anthony Perosh or Igor Pokrajac.

Oliveira has been cut. I don't know if he should have been cut already. I think he'll be back in the UFC very soon.

Andrade should fight The Winner of Amagov vs Waldburger - Reason: I was very impressed with Andrade's performance, I mean he was fighting Bristol Marunde but it was still impressive. I want to see him fight The Winner of Amagov vs Waldburger. I like this fight a lot and I want it to happen. Andrade could also fight Bobby Voelker or Pascal Krauss.

Bristol Marunde has been cut. Its the right call. Hes lost his last three fights and he was finished in all three.


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