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Cyborg expects to fight Jindrova for Lion Fight’s muay thai title

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Cris Cyborg has made a successful return to muay thai rings with a third-round TKO victory over previously undefeated Jennifer Colomb on Sept. 20 in Las Vegas, Nev., and she plans to compete again at Lion Fight.

"I love to fight," Cyborg told "When I’m not fighting MMA, I always enter jiu-jitsu and wrestling tournaments. Whatever I’m doing outside of MMA, helps me to evolve my MMA game. I started fighting in muay thai, but then I moved to MMA because of the lack of events, but now I expect to keep fighting in both MMA and muay thai."

Cyborg was set to meet with Martina Jindrova (17-5) at Lion Fight 11, but the Czech Republic native was forced to withdraw from the event with an injury and replaced by Colomb. According to the Brazilian, she is in talks with the promotion to meet Jindrova in a title fight.

"She still wants to fight me, and I believe we will fight," she said. "I believe I will fight her for Lion Fight’s title soon. (Jindrova) has many titles, and I will be happy to fight for one more belt."

Before her return to the muay thai rings, Cyborg expects to be part of Invicta FC’s next event on Dec. 7, but she doesn’t know if her featherweight title will be on the line.

"My next fight will be in December," she said. "They have asked me if I can fight in a heavier division, but that’s not set yet. They are still looking for an opponent, but I have to fight now because that’s the last fight of my contract and I have to fight this year. I want to fight, and I want to stay active, so I hope they find someone to fight me."

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