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Cris Cyborg: 'Ronda Rousey is a little mentally sick'

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Ronda Rousey was worried about how the fans would see her on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, and her long-time rival Cris Cyborg is surprised with what she has seen.

Invicta FC’s featherweight champion believes the mental aspect could be a decisive factor in Rousey’s second title defense in the UFC against Miesha Tate on Dec. 28, and that Tate would have the advantage.

"Ronda is a little mentally sick," Cyborg told "Miesha is more focused. I don’t know if that’s because Ronda is younger, more competitive. The mental aspect can affect her, but what makes you win inside the Octagon is training. The better prepared fighter will win."

Rousey has submitted Tate in their first fight in Strikeforce, but Cyborg hopes that the challenger has learned the lesson.

"Everybody knows what Ronda does and I believe Miesha will come more prepared this time," she said. "Unfortunately, everybody knows what she’ll do and still let her do it. I’m watching the TUF season, and I believe Miesha has more weapons to defeat Ronda. But I don’t really care who wins this fight, though."

Rousey’s division is 10 pounds lighter than Justino’s, but the Brazilian still wants to fight the judo specialist.

"The only thing stopping this fight to happen now is the weight, but I don’t care about the belt," she said. "I want to this fight for the fans in a catchweight because she used to fight in my division and then dropped. I’d fight her (in the UFC) and then return to my home, Invicta."

Cyborg is managed by Tito Ortiz, and the former UFC champion doesn’t have a good relationship with UFC president Dana White. However, the muay thai specialist believes that wouldn’t be enough to keep her away from the Octagon.

"If I keep knocking people out, nothing will hide what I’m doing," she said. "(Dana White) won’t stop me. Every MMA fan wants to watch to see me in the UFC. I’m happy at Invicta FC, and I want to represent Invicta FC in the UFC. The more I grow, they won’t be able to protect Ronda from me anymore."