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UFC president Dana White blasts Ken Shamrock, 'Super Friends'

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Ken Shamrock and UFC President Dana White have had a rocky relationship over the past few years. In 2009, Shamrock filed a lawsuit against Zuffa LLC, claiming the UFC violated contractual agreements for his final fight. Shamrock lost the lawsuit, and a year later, a Nevada court ordered Shamrock to pay $175,000 in legal costs to Zuffa.

Recently Shamrock revived his feud against the UFC, lobbing a series of inflammatory statements and tweets at White. On Tuesday, White responded.

"I don't even want to mention this guy's f--king name," White said at a post-press conference scrum. "But it's just like, Ken Shamrock burst back on the scene. ‘Hey everybody, I'm here to save everybody,' or whatever. No, you're trying to become relevant again is what you're trying to do. Let's not forget that Ken Shamrock tried to sue us, that he said that his contract -- Ken Shamrock owes me $175,000. And I'm coming for it, Ken. I'm coming for the f--king money, you piece of s--t.

"You should have f--king stayed wherever you were, hidden under the f--king porch somewhere. The guy owes me $175,000 because him and his f--king scumbag lawyer put together some phony lawsuit that he lost. And he owes me $175,000 in attorney's fees. And he's out there talking about what he doesn't have and what guys aren't getting and all this s--t. He's trying to make himself relevant again and if anybody can't see that, you're just f--king stupid."

Shamrock, along with Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture, further took to Twitter this earlier week, attempting to rally a quintet of former UFC stars, including Frank Shamrock and Rampage Jackson, to "crash" the UFC's 20th anniversary show in November.

"Wooo, they're gonna crash it. What are they going to do? They're going to come in and sit in their seats and f--king watch the fight," White said.

"The f--king Super Friends. ‘We're going to come to the 20th anniversary, we're going to save the world.' No, you're going to walk through the front door, sit in your seats and watch the fights, maybe take some pictures and sign some autographs. Good for you. Have fun at the fights."