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Coach: No major injuries for Alexander Gustafsson following UFC 165

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Amazingly, Alexander Gustafsson isn't too banged up following his five-round battle against Jon Jones on Saturday night at UFC 165.

Eric Del Fierro, Gustafsson's coach at Alliance MMA, told on Sunday night that the injuries Gustafsson suffered in the fight aren't serious.

"No major injuries," he wrote via text. "Just sore and staples on top of his head."

Del Fierro didn't specify how many staples were put in Gustafsson's head.

"The Mauler" dropped a unanimous decision to Jones in what has been hailed as one of the greatest fights in UFC history. Jones' coach Greg Jackson told that "Bones" had "a busted [left] foot for sure," but wasn't sure about his other injuries. Team Jones said on Saturday night that Jones injured his foot early in the fight.

Both Jones and Gustafsson were transported to a local Toronto hospital following the fight, but they were released hours later.

The UFC has yet to decide if they will rematch the light heavyweight pair next, but Gustafsson said afterwards that he wanted an immediate rematch.

"Yes, I want a rematch right away, if I can," he said.