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UFC 165 undercard live blog: Ricci vs. Jury, Menjivar vs. Reis, More

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Mike Ricci will square off against Myles Jury on the UFC 165 undercard Saturday.
Mike Ricci will square off against Myles Jury on the UFC 165 undercard Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 165 undercard live blog for the UFC 165 event at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

There will be eight fights on the UFC 165 undercard. Mike Ricci vs. Myles Jury
Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis, Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson, Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kimura, John Makdessi vs Renee Forte, Jesse Ronson vs. Michel Prazeres, Roland Delorme vs. Alex Caceres, and Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczukwill be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 165 undercard below.

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Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omeilanczuk
Round 1: Dan Miragliotta the third man in the cage. The heavyweights exchange high kicks early. Both guys using kicks in volume. Guelmino throwing follow-ups with his right, but nothing doing. They tie up on the fence and after a stalemart, Miragliotta separates them. Back to the fence they waltz. Once again Miragliotta separates the heavies they get back to work. Omeilanczuk with a brief takedown, but Guelmino able to use the fence to get back up. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 for Guelmino.

Round 2: Omeilanczuk out early in the second, and is coming on offensively. He lands a big show and shoots for a double-leg. Finally able to dump Guelmino near the fence, and he begins some ground and pound. Now Nandor is able to reverse, and he goes to work on the ground. They scramble for a moment, and Guelmino nearly gives up the position, but then rolls and is back on top. Guelmino with some elbows, but Omeilanczuk able to minimalize the damage Omeilanczuk actually fishing for submissions from the bottom there, and was staying active. Close round, but goes to Guelmino. MMA Fighting has it 20-18 overall for Guelmino.

Round 3: Third round. Both fighters lumber forward and start with kicks, just as they did to open the fight. Guelmino breathing pretty hard, and keeping his hands down. Omeilanczuk rumbles into him and pushes him up against the fence. He, too, is bushed. Miragliotta brings them back to center and both guys huff and walk slowly there. More kicks. Not a lot behind those kicks on either side. Again Omeilanczuk just pushes him up against the fence, and the action halts. Each man trying to get his breath. Miragliotta warns them, and once again breaks the action. Crowd antsy. Omeilanczuk momentarily loses his mouthpiece. Then he puts it back in and BOOM. Omeilanczuk lands a big left hand and down goes Nandor! Follow-up shot with the left on the ground, but Guelmino was already out.

UFC 165 official results: Daniel Omeilanczuk def. Nandor Guelmino via KO at 3:18 of R3.

Roland Delorme vs. Alex Caceres
Round 1: Very quick turnaround between fights. Here we go. Spinning backfist from Bruce Leeroy early, and it glances off of Delorme. Cacares in southpaw stance, and using his right jab. He comes over the gop with a right, and Delorme storms forward with a combination. Very little connecting flush. Big right hook by Delorme drops Caceres! Delorme swarms in for the finish, but Cacares recovers, and reverses to get his back -- momentarily. Now it's Delorme who reverses. He's going for a rear naked choke, but Cacares rolls out. Delorme with body lock, and now cranking Cacares' neck. He flattens him out for a moment, but again Cacares able to squirm out. He's still in trouble, though. Delorme still with back control, and sticking on Cacares. Finally it's Cacares who is able to wiggle out and back to the feet they go. Wow. Crazy moments in the scramble in that first round. Cacares with a nifty escape from the back crucifix, but he spent the bulk of the round fighting out of trouble. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Delorme.

Round 2: Back to the middle, they trade combos. Delorme trying to time out that counter right when Cacares moves in, but it has missed a couple of times. Cacares very active with his movement, changing levels and staying outside. He strafes Delorme with a couple of good jabs and then attempts a flying knee. Doesn't land flush. Delorme was pushed down to the mat there, and that gives Bruce Leeroy a moment on his back. But Delorme frees himself and back to the middle of the cage we go. Again, a crazy scramble where things are ceded as fast as they're attempted, and each bounces back to the feet. Delorme with a single leg wheels Cacares around. Nothing doing. Slow left jabs from Cacares. They are landing, but they aren't doing much. He continues to rinse Delorme with jabs. This time Delorme ducks under and lands an uppercut. Nicely done. He rolls forward and momentarily gets Cacares down; Cacares able to use fence to get back up. Along the fence, Cacares with a good knee and a follow-up left. Close round there, in what's been a scramble frenzy. MMA Fighting scores R2 10-9 for Delorme (20-18 overall)

Round 3: They slap five as they enter the final round. A good left from Delorme got through, and Cacares slips a little bit. But they circle back into the cage, Cacares the outer body. Cacares wrangles Delorme in along the fence, and Delorme attempts a throw which doesn't work. Cacares briefly had Delorme's back there, but they circle out and back to center. Cacares with slower, more deliberate strikes. Delorme eats a couple, but has had enough of it. He rolls in for a takedown. Cacares sprawls well, which spills the fight momentarily back into a scramble. Cacares briefly with Delorme's back, but nothing there. They reset. Spinning kick from Cacares missed, but Delorme counters and rocks Cacares. Now he falls into Cacares' guard and runs his shoulder high through the chin. Cacares trying to fish out a triangle, but it's not there. Fight ends with Cacares on his back. Even with that, Cacares looked better as the fight went on. MMA Fighting scores the third 10-9 for Cacares, (29-28 for Delorme overall).

UFC 165 official results: Alex Cacares def. Roland Delorme via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Jesse Ronson vs. Michel Prazeres
Round 1: Yves Lavigne makes his first appearance as the referee for this one. Prazeres in nifty purple trunks. They touch them up. Straight jab from Ronson right off as Prezeres moves in. Now Prazeres shoots in, and works for the takedown on fence. He finally gets it and is immediately into side control. Ronson trying to better his position with his feet on the fence, and, with a pesky Prezeres on him stands up briefly. Not for long. He's dumped back down, and again Prazeres presses his shoulders into Ronson. Side control again, too, this time with Ronson's feet away from the fence. A Ronson chant breaks out here in Toronto. Prazeres trying to flatten Ronson out, riding his back. After a mile of set up, he goes from the rear naked choke, and for a moment it looked good, but Ronson rolls. Prazeres continues to land punches from Ronson's back. Ronson frustrated as he walks back to his corner at round's end. MMA Fighting scores R1, 10-9 for Prazeres.

Round 2: Ronson with some early leg kicks, in what must feel like an acre of space after that last round. But that all ends immediately as Prazeres moves in for the takedown. Ronson back up, but just as fast he's fending off another one on the fence. Prazeres tenacious. He drives forward using his strong upper body to constrict Ronson. Ronson able to keep a knee planted as he stands up to avoid eating a knee from Prazeres, and he's back up. Once again, after a scant couple of leg kicks from Ronson, Prazeres back into the bulldozer. He tracks Ronson down and, with control of his side on the fence, takes a glance at the clock. Ronson doing his best to throw anything in these tight quarters (knees, elbows), but not much there. Finally, they break and back to the center the action goes. Ronson throws a jab-uppercut combo, and Prazeres, no longer worried about telegraphing his intentions, drops his head and rushes in. Back to the fence we go. They break as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R2, 10-9 for Prazeres (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Courtesy high five from Prazeres, as he and Ronson get back to it. Ronson moves in and lands a sneaky uppercut clean. That must have felt good after the things he's seen through two rounds. Prazeres now walking the perimeter and surveying. He might be slowing a little here. Ronson doing leg kicks; misses on that one and pirouettes back to the middle. Now Prazeres content to let his leather fly from distance, and a left cross glances Ronson. Prazeres willing to trade here a little more. Ronson charges in with an uppercut that goes errant, and finally Prazeres goes back to what he knows. He tries to take Ronson down. Ronson doesn't go down, however, and now it's Prazeres lying on his back. Ronson with rare opportunity to work in new space. He sends some kicks in to the supine Prazeres, but eventually tells Lavigne to bring him up. Now they are toe-to-toe again, and Ronson using the right jab. Prazeres waits for Ronson to commit to a combo and shoots in and dumps Ronson on the mat. Back to the toil. Prazeres looks at the clock, and sticks on Ronson's shoulder. Ronson with a big slam late and he goes for broke with punches. But it's too little too late. He let's out a roar, both for his frustration and that he finally got a moment to fight. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Ronson, for a 29-28 overall score for Prazeres.

UFC 165 official results: Michel Prazeres def. Jesse Ronson via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).

John Makdessi vs. Renee Forte
Round 1: Todd Anderson is your referee for this final Facebook prelim. They touch them up. Forte the slight aggressor early, moving forward cautiously with his offense. Makdessi lands a spinning back kick into Forte's abdomen. Doesn't seem to have bothered him much. Makdessi figthing with his fingers splayed open. And just like that, Makdessi lands a counter-right that drops Forte. He slipped a punch, and dropped the bomb right on top of the ear. Right behind the ear. He then moves in and finishes the job with a flurry of rights. Referee Anderson took his time calling off Makdessi, but he finally does.

UFC 165 official results: John Makdessi def. Renee Forte via TKO at 2:01 of R1.

Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kimura
Round 1: Exchange of leg kicks, and Gagnon winging the right early. Now they stand and trade with Gagnon rocking back on his heels throwing. Kimura circles out. Kimura throws a curtain closer right that misses. Now Gagnon moves in and works the body with a combination, sneaks in some dirty boxing shots. Kimura already bleeding out his nose. Big body shot from Kimura looked to have hurt Gagnon, as he doubles over in pain, and then Gagnon immediately shoots for a takedown all in the same sequence. How he did that, I don't know -- you could hear the body shot, which sound like a melon being smashed on a wall. Gagnon landing some shots on the ground. Good back and forth. Kimura back to his feet. Crisp combo from Gagnon tags Kimura, and he switches levels and lands a body shot. Gagnon grabs ahold of Kimura's neck and it's deep. It's over, a guillotine choke for Gagnon. He held the choke a little long. Kimura actually went to sleep. Afterwards he was twitching on the mat, as Yves Lavigne called Gagnon off. Kimura able to get up under his own power after a few moments.

UFC 165 official results: Mitch Gagnon def. Dustin Kimura via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:05 of R1.

Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson
Round 1: "Big" John McCarthy is the referee. Thompson obviously the taller fighter. They size each other up early. Clements changing levels, and right now content to bob on the outside. Clements lands a Ninja Turtle foot sweep-cum-wheel kick that rocks Thompson back. Clements rushes in and ties Thompson up on fence, where Thompson regains his composure. Thompson turns Clements around, and they break. Clements looks to be going to the body. Thompson with a lateral stance ready to deploy kicks. Clements and McCarthy shares a moment of laughing. Now Thompson has Clements down and is working. Clements, though, is able to get back up. Thompson keeping his lead leg up and ready. Once again, Thompson gets Clements to the ground, and that's how the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R1, 10-9 for Thompson.

Round 2:
Thompson rocks Clements early, and moves in with a flurry on the ground. Clements, who has always been able to take a punch, able to recover. But not for long. Thompson hits Clements with a straight left jab then a big right behind the ear, then another shot which drops Clements. McCarthy wastes no time stepping in to stop the fight, even as Clements is clutching at Thompson's leg. Even though the stoppage looked a little early, Clements remained on the ground for several minutes recuperating afterwards. Good call by McCarthy.

UFC 165 official results: Stephen Thompson def. Chris Clements via TKO (strikes) at 1:27 of R2.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Yves Lavigne is the ref. Reis with a head kick that Menjivar saw coming, and Menjivar came over the top with a big overhand right that felled him momentarily. They are back to center. Reis tossing his right hand out there in diversion, and to set up his big shot. Menjivar, though, is winning the early exchanges. Good in close elbow from Reis on an exchange. Reis continues with leg kicks from range. He lunges forward with a sally of strikes, but Menjivar coolly backpedals out of it. Menjivar every now and again switches stances. Reis with a takedown inside of a minute to go and goes to work in Menjivar's guard. Round ends right there half a minute later. MMA Fighting scores R1, 10-9 for Menjivar.

Round 2: Menjivar swiveling his hips as he holds ground at the center. Reis closes in and throws his hands, but Menjivar is quick enough to avoid them. Menjivar comes over top with a big right and grazes Reis; that was close. Now Reis shoots in and dumps Menjivar on the canvas. He steps up out of his guard and begins kicking him while looming over. He jumps back into Menjivar's guard, but Menjivar, now with his back on the fence, able to scoot back to his feet. This time Reis waits out Menjivar and times out the right hand to take Menjivar down. Good set-up there. Reis fights from Menjivar's guard as Lavigne looks on. Menjivar finally able to wiggle his hips out, and he's back up. Reis circles Menjivar, who hold the center of the cage as the bullhorn sounds. MMA Fighting scores R2, 10-9 for Reis (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Both fighters keeping the range in the third early, throwing isolated hands. Reis still waving that right out there in diversion, and follows up with a kick. Now he ties Menjivar up on the links, and the roll right on the feet. Reis dogged in his pursuit of the takedown, and finally gets it just before the midway point of the third (to a chorus of boos). Reis into mount. Right now he has Menjivar flattened and they are incrementally moving towards the center. Reis in total control. He's landing the occasional shot to the body as he scootches forward. Menjivar doing all he can to hang onto Reis, landing tiny punches about Reis's ears and head. The nickel and dime stuff isn't doing anything, but then neither is Reis who is content to ride this fight out from the top position. He does a celebration as the crowd boos. Should be an easy round to score. MMA Fighting has R3, 10-9 for Reis (giving him the fight, 29-28).

UFC 165 official results: Wilson Reis def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Ricci vs. Myles Jury
Round 1: John McCarthy is the third man. And we're off. Space gauging early. Ricci with a couple of head kick attempts, but they don't land. Ricci seems to want to punch down a little bit. Big takedown by Jury. Ricci immediate butt scoots to the fence with Jury in tow. Jury keeping the pressure on, while Ricci tries to get back to his feet. The boos began to rain down, just as Ricci's elbows do to Jury's head. Jury determined, though, keeps the shoulder in him. Inside of 10 seconds left, Ricci gets up and they finish at the center of the cage. Not a lot of good action in that round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Myles Jury, 10-9.

Round 2: Both guys more active early in this round. Each throwing while on the feet, while Ricci is the one moving forward. He comes up top for a head kick, but again nothing there. Meanwhile Jury content to fire off a leg kick, and narrowly misses on a push kick. Very loud but not particularly effective push kick by Ricci crashes into Jury, who retaliates with a kick of his own. Both guys seem okay with standing at a distance and seeing what might be there. Jury timing out his counters in moments of Ricci aggression. Crowd not into this scrap. "Why are you staring at each other?" somebody yelled. Both guys taking turns with their offense, one coming forward and the other backing up; then vice-versa. Now Jury goes for a late single-leg on the fence, but it's not there. Sizzle-less round. MMA Fighting gives the round to Jury, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Half a minute in, Jury goes back to the original idea, and takes Ricci down. They are along the fence, and Ricci is leveraging himself by pushing up on Jury's shoulders. The crowd continues with its dissension. Jury now with Ricci's side, and he is pressing back into him as they stand up. Back down goes Ricci. Ricci's corner barking direction, and in the mundane nature of the fight, he shakes his head in understanding. McCarthy is watching, but he's yet to intervene. Ricci being "big brothered" by Jury, and it looks like that's just how it'll be. A minute to go and now Jury has Ricci's back. With the slickness of the sweat, Ricci able to slip out and reverse. He momentarily had Jury on bottom, but that lasts about three nanoseconds. They are back to the familiar position of Jury dumping Ricci on the fence, slowly and not totally. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Jury, giving him the fight 30-27 overall.

UFC 165 official results: Myles Jury def. Mike Ricci via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)