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Morning Report: Anthony Pettis reigns, featherweights campaign for shot at Jose Aldo on Twitter

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Whoa, it's bright in here. I'm DSM and I'm delighted to be with you. Now, I know change can be scary, but if Remember the Titans taught me nothing else it's that an Adonis-like California dreamboat can do anything he puts his mind to. In all likelihood someone better will be along shortly, but for now, courage.


Everyone wants to fight Jose Aldo. From lightweight champions to Ricardo Lamas, guys are lining up to get a crack at the UFC featherweight champ. It was a bit surreal to hear Chad Mendes tell Anthony Pettis to 'wait his turn' during the post-fight press conference, but does Chad have a point? Is a rematch more bankable than a superfight with Pettis?

Things really got interesting yesterday when Mendes, Cub Swanson and Lamas started an impromptu debate on Twitter regarding the true No. 1 contender.

I do love the image of Swanson telling Lamas to get off the bench. Let's get into some headlines.



Grant wants first shot at Pettis. After being forced out of his UFC 164 title shot against then-champ Benson Henderson, T.J. Grant is making it known his focus on the lightweight strap hasn't wavered. Grant goes in-depth with our very own Chuck Mindenhall.

UFC 164 Aftermath. Dave Doyle has an excellent breakdown of all that was at UFC 164. Would you believe the judge who scored that 30-27 round for Camus also gave nods to Phil Davis over Lyoto Machida and Hatsu Hioki over Clay Guida?

Fights to make. With UFC 164 in the books, Bloody Elbow's Tim Burke plays matchmaker with the night's winners and losers.

Wandy sidelined with back injury. While Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva sounded like a no-brainer, Dana White gives some insight as to why the fight might be dead in the water.

Bellator responds to Attila Vegh controversy. After Bellator light heavyweight champion Attila Vegh allegedly claimed he was forced out of a title defense to make way for a rematch between Emanuel Newton and Muhammed LawalBellator has released a statement and medical report challenging those claims.

Titan FC 26 sure happened. Not quite a must-read, more of a must-seeWhile I wish I hadn't, myself and hundreds of others witnessed one of the all-time bad MMA-related atrocities Friday night. To say this man (I won't call Rusty Sullivan a referee) was derelict in his duties doesn't quite do it justice. I warn you, don't watch this more than once. (Video if you really hate yourself)



Post-fight interviews and analysis abound. Here's everything you need to get caught up on UFC 164.


A bit of a shorter scrum from Dana, but we did get two events last week.


Lyoto Machida joins Rener Gracie for this week's Gracie Breakdown. Rener says 'bro' almost as many times as you hear the smoke detector beep. Save for that, a great explanation of how Henderson ended up on the business end of Pettis' nasty armbar.


A weekend edition of Tommy Toe Hold hits far too close to home. As a man who catches most PPV's at Hooters, MMA Bar Guy is too perfect for words. (Can I write off UFC PPV's? Gotta get with my accountant.)


Possibly the definition of a viral video, this thing was everywhere this weekend. Miley Cyrus at the VMAs with Commnentary by Joe Rogan.



Now, if you're interested in what the pros had to say about UFC 164 please check out Shaun's excellent 'Pros react' piece. If, rather, you enjoy nonsense, just keep it here.

Join me now as we examine the three levels of Twitter beefing:

Amateur: If you need to ask your fellow beefer if you're even beefing, you probably aren't.

Intermediate: Much like pimpin', trash talking in a second language ain't easy.

Professional: This is the sort of high-level trolling I love to see.


The awful continues with a tweet of questionable taste (at best) from Hector Lombard.


Time for some palate cleansers.

Redemption: After seeing his bout with Roger Bowling ruled a No Contest for a 'phantom' illegal knee strike, it's great to see Abel Trujillo realizing some vindication.


New Deal: Perhaps the top bantamweight not fighting in the UFC, Marlon Moraes just re-upped with World Series of Fighting.


Jens Pullout? (I'm sorry): Matt Hughes sounds like a swell guy.



Announced Yesterday (Sept. 1 2013)




Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Bloody Elbow member Trent Reinsmith. Trent does a great job breaking down Ben Rothwell's callout of Travis Browne, as well as Browne's non-reaction.

Ben Rothwell Calls Out Travis Browne, Browne Responds with 'LOL'

As far as post-fight callouts go, Ben Rothwell’s after his win over Brandon Vera on Saturday was not the most succinct, but it did get a reaction. However, that reaction could not have been the one that Rothwell was hoping to illicit.

Rothwell spent the majority of the first two rounds of his UFC 164 fight against Brandon Vera slowly chasing Vera around the Octagon. With 1:30 expired in the third and final round, a switch seemed to flip in Rothwell’s head, and he began to channel his inner Clay Guida.

The 6’ 4", 262 pound seemed to say, ‘enough of this’ and went after Vera, increasing his head movement tenfold and unleashing a torrent of strikes that left Vera turtled on the canvas as referee Herb Dean waved off the fight.

The TKO win at 1:54, had Rothwell clearly elated. The smiling 33-9 heavyweight took his opportunity with UFC commentator Joe Rogan to request his next opponent:

I have to do this because I’m a fighter in this division. If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best. The fans have to make this happen. He’s up there right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if the fans speak up we can make this fight happen. If you want to see an epic fight, with tons of replays and everything else that goes along with it. A dramatic fight that will shock the fans, then let me fight Travis Browne. I will bring it, and I will give you all that you want to see.

Browne, the No. 5 ranked fighter in the heavyweight division took to twitter to dismiss Rothwell’s request:

LOL @rothwellfighter had your chance a yr ago but you magically sprained your little toe and now you want to be given something I've earned.

— Travis Browne (@travisbrowneMMA) September 1, 2013

I'm looking forward, not back.. You have some catching up to do son.

— Travis Browne (@travisbrowneMMA) September 1, 2013

Ok @RothwellFighter if it was about respect then you would work yourway up the ladder andearn the shots I've earned notask for them w/themic

— Travis Browne (@travisbrowneMMA) September 1, 2013

Browne and Rothwell had been scheduled to fight in August 2012, but a training camp injury to Rothwell forced that fight to be cancelled.

Since that cancellation, Browne has gone 2-1, losing to Anthony Silva, but rebounding with first round knockouts of Gabriel Gonzaga and Alistair Overeem. Rothwell is 1-1 since then, losing to Gonzaga and defeating Vera on Saturday night.


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