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UFC releases fighter with alleged Neo-Nazi ties

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Benjamin Brinsa will not be fighting in the UFC after all.

Weeks after stories surfaced alleging the newly-signed German fighter had Neo-Nazi ties, the UFC decided to terminate his contract following an investigation into the allegations, the promotion recently confirmed with first reported that the undefeated welterweight, who hails from Leipzig, Germany and is nicknamed "The Hooligan," is allegedly a member of the Leipzig-based hooligan group Scenario LOK, that his team, La Familia, has Neo-Nazi ties, and that Brinsa used to help run a mail-order service for Neo-Nazi rock music.

Shortly after the report, Brinsa took to Facebook to strongly deny the claims.

"I am not a neo-Nazi, never have been, never will be," he wrote. "At no time in my life have I ever made any xenophobic, anti-Semitic or racist statements, either in public or in private. Yes, I do have a past as a football hooligan in my youth, but that is a thing of the past as I have been solely focusing on my professional career for the past couple of years."

The 24-year-old also added that he believed he was a victim a two-year long smear campaign.

"I’ve been trying to take legal action against the person that has started the smear campaign against me on the internet, but unfortunately to no avail so far as he hides behind synonyms and publishes his defamation on websites with no legal information. For the past two years this guy has been contacting promoters, sponsors, authorities and journalists trying to prevent me from getting fights and trying to destroy my reputation." asked UFC president Dana White about the allegations the day the initial report was published, and he said the UFC was already looking into the matter.

"If he, in any way, shape, or form is involved in racist groups, Neo-Nazi groups, or anything negative like that, he'll be cut," White said. "But I don't want to jump the gun, because some people are tweeting stuff, and jump the gun and ruin this guy's life if it's not true. So we're going to look into it. I literally have a whole team of lawyers and everything in house looking at it right now in Vegas, and if it's true, [he will be cut]."

Brinsa is currently 13-0. He hasn't fought since his win over Daniel Stittgen in May.

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