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Jason "Mayhem" Miller remanded for contempt of court in domestic case

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Esther Lin

Troubled former fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller's legal woes continue.

Following a Monday night arrest and release in Orange County, Calif., for an alleged violation of a "stay away" order, Miller appeared in the Superior Court of California's Newport Beach courtroom Tuesday morning.

There, he was booked on a contempt of court charge and remanded to a local jail after entering a not guilty plea. He has a preliminary hearing set for the morning of Oct. 10.

It was the third domestic-related court appearance in the past two months for the 32-year old Orange County resident, with previous hearings on July 1 and Aug. 3 on charges of "Corporal Injury on spouse/cohabitant."

Miller was remanded Tuesday on California Penal Code 166(c)(1), which holds a defendant in contempt of court for "any willful and knowing violation of any protective order or stay-away court order issued ... in a pending criminal proceeding involving domestic violence."

The charge is a misdemeanor which carries a maximum sentence of a year in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Early Tuesday morning, Miller posted a cryptic Twitter message, stating "So, I quit all social media now. Digital detox. Good luck on you journey."