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Vinny Magalhaes will retire if he's cut by UFC

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Vinny Magalhaes said he deserved to get cut if he lost to Anthony Perosh at UFC 163, and his career might be over after a 14-knockout loss to the 40-year-old Australian.

Magalhaes, the former M-1 Global light heavyweight champion and The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 finalist, left his gloves inside the Octagon after the stunning loss. It could be the last time he stepped in a cage to fight.

"I have one more fight left in my contract, but we all know that it doesn’t mean much and there’s a chance that I get cut," Vinny told MSN. "Before this fight I said I deserved to get cut if I didn’t win. I’m waiting for UFC’s decision, anything can happen, but I really don’t care, man."

Magalhaes first stepped in the Octagon in 2008, suffering a first-round knockout loss to Ryan Bader on The Ultimate Fighter season 8 finale. Four months later, a decision loss to Eliot Marshall cost his contract. The Brazilian ended up signing with M-1 Global and became the light heavyweight champion, calling the attention of the UFC’s officials.

In his return to the Octagon, a second-round submission win over Igor Pokrajac improved his record to 10-5 (with 1 no-contest), but then he suffered back to back losses to Phil Davis and Anthony Perosh.

If the UFC decides to release him, he will retire.

"People say that the UFC doesn’t pay much to their fighters, but if you look to the other events it’s even worse," Magalhaes said. "So if they cut me, I don’t see why I should keep fighting in other event. I rather open my own gym than fight for little money. I stopped fighting in Jiu-Jitsu because of the financial part, so it would make no sense for me to return now. If the UFC doesn’t renew my contract, I’ll stop (fighting)."