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Morning Report: 'Korean Zombie' also suffered fractured orbital bone in UFC 163 loss to Jose Aldo

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Add one more to UFC 163's parade of pain.

First there were the obvious injuries, Jose Aldo's fight-changing broken foot and Chan Sung Jung's fight-ending shoulder separation. Then came Aldo's kidney stone hospitalization. And now?

According to a report from, "The Korean Zombie" apparently suffered a fractured orbital bone sometime during his failed featherweight title bid. In other words, even on one foot, Aldo broke Jung's face -- or at least part of it.

A timetable for Jung's recovery is unclear at this time, although the 26-year-old expects to consult with both shoulder and eye specialists before the end of the week. Either way, it's just more unfortunate news for a fighter who just returned from a 15-month layoff.



Zombie injury update. On top of separating his shoulder, Chan Sung Jung also suffered a fractured orbital bone during his UFC 163 title loss against Jose Aldo, according to a report from

MMA Roundtable. Your humble Morning Report curator and Dave Meltzer take a seat at the MMA Roundtable to weigh the merits of Rampage vs. Tito, discuss whether a $45 price tag is too much to ask for fading legends, and look back on last weekend's biggest uproar.

Lamas willing to wait. Asked about his future plans while Jose Aldo heals from injuries, UFC featherweight contender Ricardo Lamas responded, "I definitely believe I'm next in line. If the UFC can guarantee me a title shot, I will wait for it."

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TUF 19 tryouts. Tryouts for The Ultimate Fighter 19 are set for Tuesday, August 27th 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. All middleweight and light heavyweight prospects between the ages of 21 and 34 with a winning record and at least three pro MMA fights are invited to attend.

Rousey gets another one. With a role in The Expendables 3 already on her docket, Ronda Rousey is apparently in negotiations for a supporting gig in Fast and Furious 7, according to Variety.



If you didn't see this yesterday, trust me, watch it.


The delightfully named @BangPatrol tweeted this to us, and it's probably the best Stun Gun thumbnail ever. (By the way, Stun Gun is fighting Erick Silva.)


"When we first started, he really didn't know how to pivot and put his full weight behind the punches. ... In a short time, he's come a long way." -- Freddie Roach on working with Shogun Rua. And yeah, the idea that the Shogun who wrecked Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell didn't actually know what he was doing is a scary one.


Anybody who thinks they can do Anthony Pettis' workout for five minutes straight without dying, please raise your hand.


Yesterday I asked for more TKO (barf) videos, and oh yes, my man @GFortress delivered.


We've posted plenty of regional fun this week, but this might be the wildest KO of them all. (Fight starts at 0:38.)


I don't even know what to say. The title of this video is Lyoto Machida drinks sexy reporter`s Urine & she drinks his!?













Announced yesterday (Wednesday, August 7, 2013):

  • UFC 166: Matt Grice (15-5) vs. Jeremy Larsen (8-4)
  • UFC Fight Night 28: Sam Sicilia (11-3) out with injury, Edimilson Souza (13-3) in against Felipe Arantes (15-5-1)
  • UFC Fight Night 29: Erick Silva (15-3, 1 NC) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (17-2-1, 1 NC)
  • Star-divide


    Today's Fanpost of the Day is an absurdly entertaining interview, courtesy of jackjohnbrown: Kevin Randleman: Dana White is Tito's angel

    JB: What do you recall about your first professional MMA fight, and how prepared do you feel you were at the time?

    KR: I was sitting at home in Sandusky, Ohio, and I had my oldest son, Calvin, with me and we were watching the WWF Summer Slam or something. Mark Coleman called me and asked me if I wanted to fight and I said, "Nah, not really." And then he said,"30,000 dollars." So I said, "Oh s--t! Who I got to kill?" He said, "No. You just got to win 3 fights in one night." Well that's what we used to do in college. We fought a lot. It's not like we fought on campus, but we would go off campus and I literally fought every weekend.

    Hands down, those Vale Tudos were the craziest f---ing things I've ever seen. Literally, Mark Coleman was in my corner fighting the crowd. We stopped fighting in the ring and just watched the f---ing fights outside of the ring. It was crazy.

    JB: You started off your MMA career going 6-2 in those eight fights down in Brazil. Then you made your UFC debut at UFC 19 against Maurice Smith. What do you remember about your UFC debut and how do you think that sport was regarded in those days?

    KR: It's so mainstream now, and I know that everyone thinks that Dana White should pay more money and all that bulls--t, but half the boxers in this world get beat worse in one fight than I've ever gotten beat all together. I've never really taken a shot to the head ever. The one time I ever really took a shot, I don't even remember the f---ing day. When I fought Quinton Jackson, he hit me with a knee and got me again with another one. I don't remember s--t about that day. I woke up around 3 o'clock in the morning. I must have been just walking around on autopilot. So I appreciate what we have now because those kids can make a lot of money and I love this sport.

    I love wrestling too. I always knew that wrestling was one of the greatest sports ever. Even though now they're trying to take it out of the Olympics. I wish I could talk to some of these dumb, f---ing old people who are trying to take it away. For me, I wrestled, and it was definitely a vehicle for getting me out of a bad situation which I would have been in. But you got some old, f---ing fuddy-duddies making rules because wrestling doesn't make money. It's not an X Game sport. It's the oldest sport in the world, but they'll keep all the X Games in and add a few more. I understand money, but they're taking away a lot of kids' dreams. If you take away wrestling, kids are just going to want to go to fighting.


    JB: After the UFC, you went on to have some big fights in Pride. Is there anybody from your time in the UFC, Pride, or elsewhere that you wish you had gotten the opportunity to fight?

    KR: I've had a beef with Tito Ortiz for almost as long as I've known him. I would have loved to have gotten in a ring just once with him. I don't even give a f--k if it was a street fight. I would have loved to have just whooped his a-- once.

    There is only one mother---er on my list of f---ing people on this planet Earth that I want to f---ing put my hands on and that's Tito. I doubt that you could find one motherf---er on this planet that wouldn't say, "He's a f---ing dickhead!" I guarantee that I could throw a rock out of my window and hit one person that will say that Tito is a dickhead. My wife always throws in my face, "You can't get over nothing." You are damn right I can't. I should have whooped his a-- in the street when I had the chance.

    I'm not a hater. I love that motherf---er's business-side. I know the behind-the-scenes s--t so I know the ploy that he used to become the highest paid fighter ever at the time. So I like that he listened to the gameplan and that he listened to the people around him, his confidants. He does a great job there, but other than that, he's a f---ing pussy!

    There is not one other f---er on my list. There were two, but that other motherf---er got hit by a car. He's gone. So Tito is the only one on the f---ing list. Karma is a bitch.

    JB: How about the guys that you did fight or the ones that you've watched fight? Who are the ones that you respect or admire the most?

    KR: Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to watching Ben Henderson fight Anthony Pettis. I still don't f---ing remember who won their first fight. There are so many fights. But when he jumped off of that cage... Five years earlier, I had said, "Motherf---ers are going to be jumping off of these cages and getting f---ing leverage." I had thought about it, but when he jumped off that cage, I couldn't believe it. The evolution of the fight game is amazing and I see crazy s--t happening ten years from now. People will be doing that Capoeira. That f---ing Capoeira s--t is off the chain when they're doing it right. I wouldn't want to f--k with one of them. I would have to straight double-leg him. I don't care if the guy is upside down. He would get f---ed up.

    Believe me, folks, there's a ton more to this, so follow me to the jump to check it out.

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