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Jose Aldo hospitalized with kidney stones

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jose Aldo's broken foot isn’t the only reason why the fighter has had to go to the hospital recently.

Dr. Marcio Tannure, the UFC’s doctor in Brazil, told that the UFC featherweight champion was taken to Copa D’Or hospital in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro and diagnosed with kidney stones Tuesday. UOL first reported the news.

"I learned about this problem with Andre (Pederneiras, Aldo’s coach)," Tannure told on Tuesday. "He had renal calculus (kidney stones) before. He needs to send me the results of the exams so I can check it. Andre told me it’s not serious, and he probably already expelled the stones."

Aldo, who has been released from the hospital, broke his foot on the first kick of his fight against Chan Sung Jung at UFC 163 on Saturday night, and he isn’t expected to return to the Octagon this year.