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Live Chat: UFC 163 wrap-up talk, Rampage vs. Tito Ortiz discussion and more

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

I know last week I said that was my final live chat before going on vacation, but the response from the readers/watchers was so strong I had to do something more. It's my birthday and I go on a fairly long vacation tomorrow, but that means I've got time to squeeze in one more full live chat.

Saturday, of course, was UFC 163. If I'm speaking candidly, there is much to like about every UFC show, but I found this event to be mostly dreadful. It's a personal opinion and no one is obligated to agree, but I have a hard time understanding how that one had redeeming values. Jose Aldo is great and there was some nice jiu-jitsu on display. That's about it.

Still, as bad as it was, I can't imagine it was any worse than the proposed Bellator pay-per-view headlined by Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz will be. That's an improvement over the rumored Rampage vs. Roy Jones, Jr., boxing match, but not by a ton.

There's a lot going on, so join me today to discuss all of this and more. In terms of today's chat, anything is up for discussion, but I will lead with this and it all kicks off at 1 p.m. ET.

As is customary, I'll post the video window here as the event draws near and I'll answer any questions you may have if you post them in the comments section below. Be sure that you click the 'rec' button for those comments/questions you believe most deserve a response.

Be sure to link this page and use the hashtag #chatwrappers on Twitter or even Facebook when you're watching this to let everyone know you're taking part is this activity of ours.

Talk with you all at 1 p.m. ET.

(Editor's note: Change the video to 720p using the wheel down in the right-hard corner.. Hit play and the video should work.)