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X-ray confirms Jose Aldo broke his foot during UFC 163 win

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Jose Aldo's fourth-round TKO win over Chan Sung Jung was a costly one.

At the UFC 163 post-fight press conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 145-pound champion revealed he injured his right foot during the fight, and an X-ray exam confirmed it was broken. As a result, Aldo isn't expected to fight again this year.

“He broke his foot two minutes into the fight,” Andre Pederneiras, Jose Aldo’s head coach, told on Sunday. “The first kick he threw landed on (Jung’s) knee”.

With his foot injured, Aldo was forced to change his game plan during the fight and use less leg kicks, one of his main weapons in his undefeated run in the UFC and WEC. However, he was still able to score his second knockout win in the UFC, the 14th of his MMA career.

Aldo's doctors couldn't tell him when he would be able to return just yet, but it won’t be anytime soon.

“We are talking to the UFC doctor, Marcio Tannure, but he’ll probably take a medical suspension for the next two or three months," Pederneiras said. “It’s up to the doctors now."