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Dana White blasts 'scumbag' Bjorn Rebney, slams 'battle of the buffoons' in Tito Ortiz vs. Rampage Jackson

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There was a time in UFC President Dana White's run in his company where he would opt to not insult upstarts Bellator. The thinking went at the time they were on their own and not out to compete with the UFC. Why bother going after them?

If the post-fight scrum at UFC Fight Night 27 is any indication, those days are over.

On Wednesday even in Indianapolis when talking to reporters, White was asked about the state of talks with Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney previously told ESPN his organization was unlikely to place a bid for his services now that his contract was up. White incredulously challenged Rebney's claim.

"Bjorn Rebney's a scumbag. The guy says, 'Yeah, we're going to let them go. Let's just part ways.' He ain't f--king parting ways with him. He's got a matching right and all that b---s--t," White said.

"This guy is a typical boxing piece of s--t. Everybody knows the guy is a scumbag and it is what it is. So, we'll see what happens to Ben. First they said they're going to let him go and they're not going to let him go. They'll probably end up suing him, too, making him sit out and lose a bunch of f--king money and f--k him in the deal."

"Bad guys," White said matter of factly. "They're bad guys."

White expanded on his view that while Rebney publicly stated Bellator has no interest in bidding for the services of Askren, that was a smokescreen. He likened the situation to the highly-publicized dispute between Bellator and their former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, who recently settled a legal dispute after a protracted battle over whether Bellator matched a UFC offer once Alvarez's contract was up.

"What they're doing is," White continued, "he's f--king him is what he's doing. He's doing the same thing he did to Eddie [Alvarez].

"Do you think that if Eddie Alvarez did a deal with us that Eddie Alvarez wouldn't have made a lot of money? Hector Lombard did. Hector Lombard got paid. These guys are signing these contracts over there that just f--k them."

Rebney wasn't White's only target, however. White also offered his view on the announced November 2nd Bellator pay-per-view headlined by former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson. The UFC President commented on a recently press tour with Ortiz and Jackson at Sports Illustrated and ESPN where the pair offered public criticism of their former boss and the alleged treatment they received under him.

"Then you got Bozo and the other Bozo over there going '[Bellator] is the greatest place in the world to work and we're so happy!' Then what the f--k you talking about me for?

"If you love where you're at - if you really love it and you're that happy - why are you talking about me? It makes no sense. You've moved on to a better place like you went to f--king heaven. It's like going to heaven and bitching about earth. What are you guys complaining about? Apparently you're the happiest you've ever been in your whole f--king life, right? But all you talk about is me."

White claimed the reason he was such a target of their ire during the media tour is because they had little else to discuss with the media.

"And again, what are they going to go on Sports Center and talk about? The fight? The Sports Center guy didn't even know what to say.

"Neither one of those guys are top 10 ranked fighters. Tito f--king retired," White insisted. "[Ryan] Bader's the only fight he's won since f--king 2000-something, right? And Rampage has lost his last three, right? Rampage literally came out and said I can't compete with the best in the world anymore and you're asking me if I'm going to stay home on a Saturday night and buy that pay-per-view and watch it?"

Before the scrum completed, White was also asked about his interest in Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos, who is currently managed by Ortiz. While the UFC top brass wouldn't say he had no interest in signing her, he did say any negotiations with Ortiz wouldn't be conducted by him.

"Can you imagine trying to do business with that f--king buffoon?," White asked rhetorically. "Try to have an educated conversation with him. It's not possible. You can't have an intelligent conversation with him. I could go to the f--king zoo, ok? Go over to the f--king monkey cage and have a better interaction, a more intelligent interaction with the monkeys at the zoo than f--king the buffoon."