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UFC Fight Night 27 results: Carlos Condit stops Martin Kampmann in the fourth

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In the main event of the evening at UFC Fight Night 27, a rematch was to be settled between Martin Kampmann and Carlos Condit. Unlike the first time they met, Condit would emerge the victor.

Kampmann interestingly and wisely opened the first frame exploiting Condit's weakness by immediately going for a single leg takedown. He was able to secure it and Condit went to work from his back trying to either execute reversals or stand. A brief attempt went nowhere, but Condit was able to eventually reverse after Kampmann had slippery control from the back. He wasn't able to do much with it, however, and both stood along the fence. Condit eventually scored a few elbows standing, but another single leg attempt from the Dane placed Condit back on the mat as the time in the round expired.

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Condit, despite eating a few straight punches from Kampmann, began to find his distance rhythm and overall game. He was able to stop numerous shots from Kampmann, but perhaps most importantly, set the tone with strikes. Condit managed to control distance and get the better of the striking exchanges both with the hands and the feet, which kept the Las Vegas resident guessing the entire time. While no devastating strike landed, Condit clearly scored the meaningful offense in the frame.

Kampmann managed to adjust matters by the third frame, getting back to his wrestling, albeit with less success than he had in the first. Condit, though, would have none of it as he managed to cut Kampmann's face very badly, backing him up and landing hard combinations. The climax of the round happened as Kampmann tried to take Condit down only to end up in a power guillotine attempt. Kampmann went back down to avoid it, but ended up in mount after barely avoided a rear naked choke attempt. Condit landed a series of hard strikes, but the Dane earned his way back to his feet.

It was all over for Kampmann by round four. While he tried to take Condit down right away, the effort went positively nowhere. Condit used the opportunity on his feet to pressure Kampmann back where he landed a left hook that rattled him. From there Condit swarmed Kampmann, eventually scoring a liver shot with a series of knees that put Kampmann flat on the mat, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight.

The end came officially at :54 of the fourth frame.

For his part, Condit expressed interested in moving forward with another title shot or other unnamed top fights. "There's a lot of intriguing match-ups in the division. Of course, I'd like to get that title shot back," said Condit in his post-fight interview. "Possibly Johny Hendricks or Georges St-Pierre, whichever one wins. There's a couple of other fights out there that are very interesting also, so we'll see what happens."

Condit improves to 29-7 in professional MMA while Kampmann slides to 20-7.