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Maximum Fighting Championship wants fans to choose next main event

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Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship is asking fans to determine the main event for its next card.

By voting via Twitter or Facebook, fans can determine the placement of MFC 38's three title fights on Oct. 4.

The three title fights are:

heavyweight title: Anthony Hamilton vs. Smealinho Rama
middleweight title: Jason South vs. Sam Alvey
bantamweight title: Tito Jones vs. Anthony Birchak

To vote via Twitter, fans must tweet #TheMFC or #MFC38, in addition to the weight class they want to be featured in the main event -- #heavyweight, #middleweight or #bantamweight.

To vote via Facebook, fans must like the poster featuring the weight class they want to headline the card.

The fight that gets the most tweets and likes will serve as the main event of MFC 38, while the runner-up and third place winner will be the co-main event and the third fight from the top.

MFC 38: Behind Enemy Lines will take place at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.