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Flyweight Ricardo Sattelmayer taps 286-pound opponent in 25 seconds

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Coyotes Fight Night was created to bring back ‘freak show’ fights to MMA, and their first open weight match lasted only 25 seconds.

Ricardo Sattelmayer, a 32-year-old flyweight (125 pounds), rocked 286-pound and MMA newcomer Tobias Barbeiro early, took his back and forced him to tap with a rear-naked choke.

"The typical David versus Goliath story, but this time David won using jiu-jitsu," Sattelmayer told about his win in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday. "I wasn’t expecting to win on the first round, I thought I’d have a tougher fight. I landed some good punches and kicks and I saw he was uncomfortable, so I kept the pressure, took his back and finished the fight."

"It all started as a joke," he said, explaining the idea of fighting someone 161 pounds heavier than him. "I told the promoter I never fought someone from my original weight class, at 125 pounds, that I only had heavier opponents. So I told him to match me against a big guy, and he took me really serious."

Ricardo’s original opponent was Julio Muralha, a 485-pound Judo black belt, but he was pulled out of the card citing health problems. Sattelmayer has other theory.

"When you accept a fight, you need to be ready for it," he said. "He accepted the fight then said he had health issues. I believe he just ran away."