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Dana White hints at UFC's future plans in fan Q&A session

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS -- Sorry, Utah.

A staple of Dana White fan question-and-answer sessions over the years have been inquiries on when the UFC will visit their hometown. The UFC president will then either give a specific date, or say "soon" and leave it at that.

But at least as long as White is the boss, they'll never visit Salt Lake City.

At Friday's fan Q & A at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center during the UFC Fan Expo, White was asked when the company would put on a show in Salt Lake City. The UFC scheduled such an event in Aug. 2010, but pulled the plug and moved it to San Diego.

"I tried to do that once and I'm never doing that again," was White response.

That might have been the first time White has ever flatly stated he'd never go back to another city. But there were a handful of gems the rest of the way in regards to the UFC's future plans:

*White confirmed the UFC has another Fight for the Troops show booked for Nov. 6. He did not reveal a location.

*White told a fan that the company is targeting Edmonton as its next new Canadian market in which to hold a show. The only Zuffa event in the city to date was a 2010 WEC card.

*He says the company will hold a show in Sacramento next year, and hopes to headline with Urijah Faber.

*Likewise, he says a return to Cincinnati is on the agenda. He said while it would be a natural for Rich Franklin to fight on the show, he doesn't know if Franklin still wants to fight.

*For non-North American events, White says that a return to Abu Dhabi is on the agenda and that it's a matter "of getting it done," there will be a return to Sweden in 2014, and Ireland is in the plans.

In between pleas for jobs with the UFC (Helpful hint for those who might make these pitches in the future: If you have the attention of the man you want to hire you, you might want to at least have a resume or business card ready when he asks for your info) were a handful of interesting topics:

*Asked his opinion on Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba: "Back in the day, he was the man. It's too bad he didn't fight at his natural weight class 170 instead of always fighting light heavyweights and heavyweights. He was so exciting, so fun to watch. He was a showman, but he was also such a humble guy."

*White praised Nick Diaz's WAR MMA and says the sport needs more promotions of its level: "We need more up-and-coming promotions for fighters to have the opportunity to make it here someday."

*Explained to a fan that the weigh-ins are his second favorite thing besides fight night. "I'm looking at both guys, their eyes, their hands, trying to figure out what they're thinking. How do they look after their weight cut? The weigh-ins and the staredown tell the story."

*Says the company is handing out 11,000 towels at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday night and letting fans pick if they want a U.S. flag towel or Brazil.

*When asked what was his biggest regret as a promoter, White said it was not making a deal to bring in Fedor Emelianenko. When asked by the same fan which is the most important fight to make now, he responded "either of the superfights."

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