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Morning Report: Miesha Tate rips Kim Winslow, says ‘she's literally ruining people's lives'

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's been a little over three months since Kim Winslow infamously stopped Cat Zingano's third-round assault on Miesha Tate. Since then things have worked out pretty well for Tate, but that doesn't mean she forgives Winslow for what she believes was a premature stoppage.

"There's no way in hell I'd let Kim Winslow referee another fight of mine. I think she's horrible," Tate told SiriusXM Fight Club (transcription courtesy of Eriksson Lau).

"I was so pissed when she stopped the fight. The first thing I did was look up at her and say, ‘Why did you stop the fight?' And [Winslow] goes, ‘Because your face is a mess.' I'm like, seriously? That's why you stopped the fight? Your face is a mess and they still let you work. That's what I felt like saying to her. I was like, are you serious right now? Did you not realize that we were coming in here to fight each other? You don't base it off how much someone's bleeding, you base it off whether or not they're cognitive and they're still trying."

Tate went on to spend seven minutes ranting about Winslow's decision, taking aim at everything from the referee's dubious track record to her qualifications, or lack thereof.

"She was like a yippy Chihuahua the whole time that I was on the bottom. ‘Miesha, you gotta do something, you gotta move.' I'm like, ‘Why? She's not doing anything to me, she's in my half-guard. Nobody finishes fights in half-guard.' But the referee, I thought she was going to stop it. She was over-coaching, over-refereeing," Tate fumed.

"It's something that is very frustrating when you have other people who have never fought a day in their life, like Kim. She doesn't do anything. I don't think she deserves to be a referee. And if she is, she should go to the amateur levels where it doesn't matter as much, and there's not as much on the line, because she's literally ruining people's lives."



Tate blasts Winslow. Miesha Tate ripped into Kim Winslow during a seven-minute interview with SiriusXM Fight Club, stating, among other things, that "there's no way in hell" she'd ever allow Winslow to referee another one of her fights.

UFC 162 buyrate. Preliminary estimates have UFC 162 drawing 550,000 pay-per-view buys, making it either the second or third top-selling event of the UFC's calendar year. UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman dethroned Anderson Silva in the night's stunning main event.

Riggs talks Diaz. Seven years after his infamous hospital brawl with Nick Diaz, Fight Master's Joe Riggs revealed his side of the story to Sports Illustrated -- and folks, it's a good one.

Bellator 101 bookings. Bellator officials announced a quartet of match-ups to kick off their Season 9 lightweight tournament: Marcus Davis vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy, John Alessio vs. Will Brooks, Saad Awad vs. Martin Stapelton and Rich Clementi vs. Rob Sinclair.

Philippou's simple request. Costa Philippou is used to keeping a busy schedule. But the UFC's No. 7 ranked middleweight has yet to step foot into the cage in 2013, and it's starting to wear on him. "Just give me somebody at this point," he pleaded. "I don't really give a s--t if it's a big name, small name, whatever."



Hey look, another 'fan-made' video with less than 100 views when it was tweeted out by Dana White. Just for kicks, browse through UFCVanillaGorilla's account and check out the description for its first upload: "Bisping+Akiyama+Hardy+Condit=A­WESOME. Please don't delete my video it's a tribute. My dream is to work for the UFC one day, call me if you like this video Dana!!!"


Today's regional slice arrives to us all the way from Liverpool, England, where Mr. Mick Kay never saw it coming. (Fight starts at 1:09.)


Don't worry, folks. I'm taking it upon myself to force Ariel into binge-watching a marathon of Rocko's Modern Life.


I rarely post boxing videos, but man, this fan-made Mayweather-Canelo trailer is tremendous.


Okay, that was a pretty solid Joe Rogan.













Announced yesterday (Wednesday, July 24, 2013):

  • UFC 166: Tim Boetsch (16-6) vs. Luke Rockhold (10-2)
  • UFC 166: K.J. Noons (11-7) vs. George Sotiropoulos (14-5)
  • UFC 166: Gabriel Gonzaga (15-7) vs. Shawn Jordan (15-4)
  • Bellator 101: Marcus Davis (22-9) vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy (23-1) booked for lightweight tournament
  • Bellator 101: John Alessio (34-16) vs. Will Brooks (9-1) booked for lightweight tournament
  • Bellator 101: Saad Awad (14-5) vs. Martin Stapleton (12-1) booked for lightweight tournament
  • Bellator 101: Rich Clementi (45-22-1) vs. Rob Sinclair (12-2) booked for lightweight tournament
  • Star-divide


    Today's Fanpost of the Day comes to us from Florence Romeo, who believes: Chael Sonnen Move to Middleweight Will Spark Title Fight

    Chael Sonnen announced a return to the middleweight division and a new five-fight contract on UFC Tonight.

    "There are two guys I want to get matched up with. The first is Vitor Belfort because he's awesome and he's on an incredible roll. Second, is Wanderlei [Silva] who I have now found out is going back to middleweight," said Sonnen. "The landscape has completely changed. I have anew contract, and I'm returning to the weight class."

    Yet, one can't help but think how coincidental the move is for Sonnen. I can't imagine a simple weight cut by Silva or win streak by Belfort would constitute a complete change to the "landscape." It couldn't be Chris Weidman's defeat of Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title, could it?

    And then, there it is; the image of Sonnen, slithering like a title-driven snake through divisions, hissing more trash talk, eyes expectantly awaiting the flash of cameras.

    First, Sonnen will compete for the second straight time in the light heavyweight division when he squares off against Mauricio Rua in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Boston on Aug. 17.

    And win or loss, Sonnen will remind all he was fighting in a heavier division, where he went "toe-to-toe" with the champion Jon Jones, because no one else had the guts. Then maybe he will fight Wanderlei Silva; a match seemingly tailor-made for Sonnen. Or maybe he won't. Maybe he won't fight anyone, and begin to salivate with Weidman insults, New York jokes and Matt Serra impressions.

    In those moments of humor, fans will begin to forget about Sonnen's last fight - a TKO loss to UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 148. They will forget the two title fight losses to former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Discussions will permeate through the mixed martial arts community about Sonnen and Weidman's wrestling, UFC announcer Joe Rogan will call the fight an "interesting clash of two remarkable wrestlers," and UFC President Dana White will start to tell reporters it is the fight fan's want to see.

    The fight will be made as the headline of a pay-per view, forums will explode with predictions, and journalists will revel in interviewing the Oregon native, who will deem the bout the "worst East Coast/West Coast rivalry since Tupac and Notorious B.I.G."

    And yet come fight night, I will be sitting in front of my television, forgetting every word of this article, engrossed in the story line of Weidman versus Sonnen, ordering another UFC pay-per view.

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