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Thiago Silva double bonus winner at UFC on Fuel 10; Erick Silva takes Sub of Night

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

There was plenty of competition for the fight night bonuses at UFC on Fuel 10 on Saturday in Fortaleza, Brazil, considering 10 of the evening's 12 bouts ended via finish.

But in the end, veteran light heavyweight Thiago Silva walked away with a pair of bonuses worth $100,000. His nasty finish of Rafael Cavalcante in the final minute of the first round earned him the Knockout of the Night bonus. Cavalcante, meanwhile, likely leaves the arena with a headache, but he'll also leave $50,000 richer, as both he and Silva earned Fight of the Night honors for their whirlwind effort.

Meanwhile, the competition was fierce for the other award on the evening, as an astounding eight fights finished via submission. Ultimately, welterweight Erick Silva took Submission of the Night honors for his sweet triangle armbar finish in their first round of his fight with Jason High.

That marked the third straight fight in which the Brazilian welterweight was a bonus winner, as Silva took Fight of the Night for his UFC 153 loss to Jon Fitch and Sub of the Night for his RNC finish of Charlie Brenneman last June.

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