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Veteran fighter Paul Kelly sentenced to 13 years for heroin trafficking

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Veteran fighter Paul Kelly's mixed martial arts career is likely over after he was recently sentenced to 13 years in prison by a British court for heroin trafficking.

The 28-year-old Kelly, a native of Liverpool, England, was sentenced by the Liverpool Crown Court for his role as the ringleader of a drug-trafficking ring.

Sentencing judge Mark Brown broke down the reasoning for the sentence against the ex-UFC fighter. "In my judgement you decided to supply Class A drugs when your contract with UFC was terminated," Brown was quoted as saying in the Liverpool Echo. "You obviously enjoyed the high life and saw selling heroin as an easy way to make money."

Kelly fought nine times in the UFC from 2008-11, compiling a record of 5-4. He was twice awarded Fight of the Night honors: First for a UFC 80 victory over Paul Taylor, then for his UFC 126 loss to Donald Cerrone. The Cerrone fight was his last in the UFC.

Kelly, a father of two children, last fought in March, winning a first-round knockout over Henrique Santana in Essex, England.