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Alexander Gustafsson: 'I think I will be offered a title fight very soon'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Both Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones want to fight each other next. That much we know. However, the question remains when that fight will happen.

After talking a little trash over Twitter last week, and even facing off while both were in Russia at the same time, Gustafsson told on Friday that while he hasn't officially been offered a fight against Jones, he thinks it will happen soon.

"He wants to fight me, and I want to fight him," Gustafsson said. "[The UFC hasn't] offered me the fight yet. I'm just really hoping to get some answers soon.

"I'm really hoping for it, and I think I will get the fight. I think I will be offered a title fight very soon. Nothing is set or signed, though."

After multiple attempts to contact him this week, Jones wasn't available to comment on the situation, however, he wrote on Twitter this week that after meeting with a doctor in New York City about the toe he severely injured during his win over Chael Sonnen last month, he was considering "jumping into a training camp in three weeks or recover more." There's no indication just yet on what his decision will be.

Jones, as well as his manager Malki Kawa, has publicly stated numerous times that he wants to fight Gustafsson next.

Gustafsson, who was ruled out of an April fight against Gegard Mousasi after suffering a cut above his eye in training, said the fact that both fighters were in Russia on promotional tours at the same time last week was merely a coincidence, however, their interaction ignited more interest in the fight and produced some aggressive tweets out of Gustafsson, who isn't known for his trash-talking.

"I'm not going to be quiet anymore," Gustafsson said. "I really want this fight. I really want to fight Jones. It's on. It's on. I will do anything I can to make it happen.

"I hope I can fight him as soon as possible. I'm in full training waiting for some news."

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