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Eddie Alvarez calls Bjorn Rebney a 'grunt,' blames 'group of idiots' at Viacom

Bellator MMA

The rift between former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and his bosses grows wider every day.

Alvarez, a free agent who inked a lucrative contract with Zuffa to fight at UFC 159 only to have Bellator MMA block to the deal via their ‘matching clause,' revealed on Thursday that settlement talks between the two sides have fractured beyond repair, meaning a lengthy court case is all but an inevitability. And now that a diplomatic solution appears to be nothing but a pipe dream, Alvarez is turning to social media to wage his war over the public airwaves.

"This is a lot less about (Bellator CEO) Bjorn (Rebney) guys and [a lot] more about Viacom," Alvarez tweeted Friday night. "I spoke with the [higher] ups and explained myself, basically was told too bad. Bjorn only owns very little and I'm really not sure he has a say at all, I went over his head and spoke with his bosses, and here we are!"

An hour later, Alvarez retweeted a post made by former champion kickboxer and current Bellator lightweight Cosmo Alexandre, in which Alexandre uploaded a photo of a gas meter after a four dollar purchase, accompanied by a sarcastic "#thankyoubjorn" hashtag.

Reading Alexandre's post seemingly reignited Alvarez's anger, as the 29-year-old proceeded to unload a barrage of frustrated tweets decrying Bellator's business practices.

Alvarez concluded by revealing that he will appear on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour on to "tell the truth, not to be politically correct."

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