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Ryan Hall injured, out of Metamoris II match with Bill Cooper

Photo by Kinya Hashimoto

The injury bug doesn't affect mixed martial arts only.

Felipe Costa black belt and 2009 ADCC bronze medalist Ryan Hall is out of his jiu-jitsu match with Ricardo Miller black belt Bill Cooper at Metamoris II. Sources close to the situation tell MMA Fighting Hall suffered a shoulder injury in training and has officially withdrawn from the event.

The organization has not made the news official, nor is there word on whether the Paragon Jiu-Jitsu representative and Strikeforce veteran in Cooper will face another competitor.

Metamoris is a jiu-jitsu competition comprised entirely of grappling superfights, both with and without the use of a gi. All matches are 20 minutes in length with no points awarded for techniques. Bouts can only be won by submission or in the event where no submission takes place, a panel of judges will determine a winner.

Metamoris II takes place at the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles, California on June 9th. The event is headlined by a match between former DREAM and current ONE FC lightweight champion Shinya Aoki and Rickson Gracie black belt Kron Gracie.

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