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White: Vitor Belfort could fight Silva-Weidman winner, TRT use no issue in location of next bout

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- A rematch of Brazil's "Fight of the Century" could be brewing, if middleweight champion Anderson Silva gets by Chris Weidman in July. If he does, he may have Vitor Belfort waiting for him on the other side.

That's the word from UFC president Dana White, who said on Thursday that a surging Belfort could be the man to fight "either one of those guys," referring to the Silva-Weidman winner.

To pump the brakes a bit, White said there was no definitive plan, and that it was possible Belfort could go in a different direction as far as match-ups go, but he also was clear that Belfort would merit some consideration based on his recent resume, which includes four finish wins in his last five bouts.

During that time, he's knocked out Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping, Anthony Johnson and Yoshihiro Akiyama, and only lost to reigning light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Of course, he also has a history with Silva, as the two met at UFC 126 in Feb. 2011, with Silva winning with a memorable front kick KO. That win helped to make Silva a superstar in Brazil, where Belfort was previously a more widely known commodity.

Meanwhile, White also said that the location of Belfort's next bout would not be influenced by Belfort's use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Belfort has received an exemption to use TRT in at least his last two fights, but some commissions, like Nevada, have said Belfort was not likely to receive an exemption in their jurisdictions due to a past positive steroids test.

White said that has no bearing on the UFC's plans, and that the promotion will place Belfort on a card wherever they need him, and let him go through the commission process of earning an exemption.

"Why wouldn't they give him an exemption? That's up to them," he said. "The times he's done it, he's followed [the rules]. We're not keeping Vitor out of fighting anywhere. We've had Vitor fight in Brazil because Vitor sells out in Brazil.

"It's all a bunch of conspiracy f---ing crock of shit, is what it is," he continued. "Whether it's reporters or fans or whatever that want to go after Vitor. Vitor's on TRT. Everybody knows it. I dislike TRT, and we are testing guys that are on TRT, to make sure they're within the limits and they're not cheating."

White said that Belfort underwent extra testing prior to his most recent fight to ensure his testosterone levels stayed in normal range, and that he will do the same in the future.

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