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Bryan Caraway denies Bellator fighter's drug accusation, regrets strong anti-marijuana stance


Bellator's Michelle Ould became the latest fighter to take a jab at Bryan Caraway this week.

Hours after the UFC announced it had suspended Nathan Diaz on Thursday for using a homophobic slur to describe Caraway, Ould, a 7-3 women's MMA veteran, insinuated on Twitter that Caraway, who spoke out against marijuana following Pat Healy's suspension earlier this week, was being a hypocrite because he used to sell performance-enhancing drugs.

"Dude use[d] to sell my ex roommate PED's - but he hates weed -go figure," she wrote.

Caraway, when reached by, vehemently denied the allegation.

"It's complete BS," he said. "I don't like any drugs."

Caraway's girlfriend, UFC fighter Miesha Tate, defended her boyfriend on Friday, as well.

"Bryan took a fight unexpectedly on five days' notice and passed all of his drug tests," she said. "That's all the proof anyone should need."

Following Healy's suspension, the UFC decided to give the $65,000 submission of the night bonus he was originally awarded to Caraway, who also won via submission on April 27. Upon receiving the bonus, Caraway told that he was strongly against marijuana usage.

On Friday, Caraway appeared to regret his strong anti-marijuana stance. He also refused to get into a public war of words with Diaz.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's America," he said. "But his word choice was poor, same as myself.

"I was too harsh in my interview about marijuana."

The UFC has yet to announce how much, if any amount, Diaz will be fined for his tweet.

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