I'm the wrong kind of Leafs fan.

You know, I watched the leafs for years as a child and teen. I dropped off, when it got shitty for those 9 years. I felt guilty watching last nights game and because I didn't watch games 1-6. I hopped on to seven and immediately thought, someone hates me for this. Through the grapevine I would always check out how it brought Torontonians together. That's what I always want for my city, is to see everyone beyond excited without fucking shit up. The country hates Toronto but you'll never see a more diverse community that doesn't blow shit up (minus whoever those "g20" as don puts it, people were) Seeing clips of everyone at Dundas Square was amazing. We had a great time, remember, we made it right? We actually got in the playoffs. I think i'll be watching more hockey next year and rooting for my home team.

PS. Give Grabovski a medal.