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Ricardo Mayorga's controversial MMA win overturned to no-contest

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Al Bello

The final act of Ricardo Mayorga's bizarre mixed martial arts debut came down over the weekend, when the Nicaraguan MMA commission ruled his bout with Wesley Tiffer a no-contest.

The controversy around the May 3 bout in Managua began the previous day, when Mayorga checked in at 175.9 pounds for a planned lightweight bout.

The match went on as scheduled despite the weight disparity. Then, Mayorga was awarded a controversial TKO win at the end of the second round, after landing a blatantly illegal knee to Tiffer's spine, delivered while Mayorga was stuck in a submission attempt.

Over the weekend, however, Nicaragua MMAC commissioner Zack Asagary announced the bout's result was overturned. He also announced a three-month suspension for Mayorga, which will have little practical effect on his career.

A native of Managua, Mayorga is a former world welterweight and light middleweight boxing champion. He signed to make his MMA debut against Din Thomas in 2010, however, Mayorga's boxing promoter, Don King, got a court injunction to prevent the fight from happening.