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Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein fight video highlights

Watch Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein fight video highlights for their UFC on FOX 7 clash above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC on FOX 7 took place April 20, 2013 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Brown's impressive second-round knockout of Mein opened the main card on FOX.

For more on Brown's victory, check out the play-by-play from Luke Thomas below.

Round 1: Both fighters open orthodox. Referee John McCarthy overseeing the action. Right elbow from Mein as he charges in, but Brown is now pressuring him. Brown lands a left hook and Mein is hurt. Left hand now for Mein, but he eats a shirt uppercut. Another let hook lands for Brown, but Brown is still pressuring. Right hook now for Brown, but Mein is still standing. Both fighters land hard punches and now Brown is scoring hard knees to the body in the clinch. Mein lands a left hook to the body and now upstairs. Mein drops Brown with a left hook to the body and attempted a guillotine, but Brown avoided it. Brown eating all sorts of ground and pound. Brown, however, postures for a triangle and it's tight, but he survives. Mein stands and Brown swarms him. Mein is clearly hurt very badly, but is saved by the bell.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Brown

Round 2: Brown scores right away with a right straight and is pressuring Mein. Mein eats several hard knees and crumples to the mat. Brown lands a hard elbow to the side of Mein's head and he folds even more. That's it. Referee McCarthy has seen enough. Brown takes the upset.

Matt Brown def. Jordan Mein by TKO (strikes) at 1:00 of round 2

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