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Jon Jones says Chael Sonnen 'has been on steroids throughout his whole career'

Steve Snowden

Throughout his saga with Chael Sonnen, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been on his 36-year-old challenger's case about his use of testosterone replacement therapy.

Now the champ has finally just flat-out accused the Oregonian of steroid use.

On Tuesday night's edition of Fuel TV's UFC Tonight, co-host Dominick Cruz ask Jones about a recent quote in which Jones claimed Sonnen lacked the soul of a champion. That's when the champion dropped his bombshell.

"Chael Sonnen's a guy who, people know he's been on steroids throughout his whole career," Jones said. "That's probably why his testosterone level is low now. I don't think that's the heart and attitude of a champion. So that's what I meant when I said he lacks championship soul."

Sonnen has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in a 40-fight MMA career which dates back to 1997. He was suspended by the state of California after his 2010 bout with Anderson Silva in Oakland after not properly disclosing his TRT usage.

Cruz quickly changed the subject, asking Jones about the skills Sonnen will bring to the table when the meet for the light heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 159 in Newark, N.J. on April 27.

"I'm really not concerned extremely with Chael's gifts," Jones said. "He's an awesome fighter. He's pretty good at boxing, he loves his wrestling and his been pretty successful in his wrestling. He has pretty good ground and pound and I just familiarized myself with the whole thing and what I'm getting ready to face. I wouldn't say there's any one thing that concerns me."

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