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Live Chat: Fallon Fox debate, The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale preview and more

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This Fallon Fox situation is difficult for any number of reasons, not least of which that Saturday's finale for 'The Ultimate Fighter' 17 is being completely overshadowed. It's also difficult because it's so new, novel and offers no easy answers.

There's also the situation involving UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione and the UFC Code of Conduct. While some object to the punishment, others do not. Some wonder if it really even means anything for a fighter not competing anyway. Others wonder why Mitrione was punished, but UFC VP Matt Hughes and commentator Joe Rogan were not for what some perceive to be equally offensive comments.

To the best of our ability, we're going to get to the bottom of this. We're going to do this calmly, thoughtfully and as fairly as possible.

But we're also going to talk about fights. I've sworn off TUF as a viewer, but there's no doubt Uriah Hall has a bright future. We also have a decent women's scrap to see who coaches opposite Ronda Rousey for next season's TUF and two friends - Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgensen - battling it out for bantamweight supremacy.

There's a lot going on, so join me today to discuss all of this and more. In terms of today's chat, anything is up for discussion, but I will lead with this and it all kicks off at 1 p.m. ET.

As is customary, I'll post the video window here as the event draws near and I'll answer any questions you may have if you post them in the comments section below. Be sure that you click the 'rec' button for those comments/questions you believe most deserve a response.

Be sure to link this page and use the hastag #chatwrappers on Twitter or even Facebook when you're watching this to let everyone know you're taking part is this activity of ours.

Talk with you all at 1 p.m. ET.

NOTE: This is going to be a discussion and debate about whether Fallon Fox's condition confers athletic benefits in her MMA pursuits. The discussion might more broadly speak to the potential impact transgender athletes could have on the sport. It is NOT a referendum on transgender people. It is NOT your opportunity to make known your issues or hang-ups with transgender people. If you do not understand this difference, you will be automatically banned. Control yourself if you wish to participate. This is your first and ONLY warning.

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