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Dana White: Alistair Overeem, not Mark Hunt, will fight Junior dos Santos next

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Mark Hunt will not be replacing Alistair Overeem against Junior dos Santos after all.

Less than a day after news broke that the much-anticipated UFC 160 heavyweight fight was canceled due to an Overeem injury, UFC president Dana White told that dos Santos and Overeem will happen at a later date.

"It's not gonna happen," White said when asked about the possibility of Hunt fighting dos Santos next. "JDS vs. Overeem will."

White said a date for the dos Santos vs. Overeem fight had yet to be determined.

Overeem announced on Thursday that he suffered a quadriceps tear, which will sideline him for four-to-five weeks.

On Wednesday, Hunt proclaimed he was "down" to fight dos Santos, if the UFC asked. Apparently, they will not.