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World Series of Fighting suspends introduction of titles indefinitely

Lucas Noonan, WSOF

One of the big talking points following last week's World Series of Fighting 2 card was whether the upstart promotion should introduce titles soon or hold off. The answer, according to Al Abdel-Aziz, WSOF senior executive vice president, is the latter.

Abdel-Aziz told Wednesday that the promotion has suspended all plans to introduce titles indefinitely.

"Right now, we're concerned with putting on fun fights for fans," he said. "In the process, for guys like Marlon Moraes, Justin Gaethje, Josh Burkman, and many others, we will make sure that when they get title shots they will have earned it. A title fight has to mean something to the promotion."

Recently, there was talk that the promotion would set up title fights in its third or fourth event, but Abdel-Aziz said there are currently no plans in place to do so. When asked if titles would be created by the end of 2013, Abdel-Aziz, who also works as the organization's matchmaker, reiterated that no timetable was in place.

At WSOF 2 last weekend, both Burkman and middleweight Dave Branch campaigned for title shots in their next respective fights.

WSOF 3, which will be headlined by Jon Fitch vs. Josh Burkman, will take place June 14 in Las Vegas.

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