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WSOF 2 results: Justin Gaethje stops Gesias Cavalcante with a cut in the first round

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In the opening bout on the WSOF II main card, upstart Justin Gaethje wasted no time in attacking and ultimately putting away established lightweight veteran Gesias Cavalcante. The end came courtesy a cut on the forehead of Cavalcante. The end came officially at 2:27 of round one.

The collegiate wrestling standout in Gaethje opened with extraordinary aggression, landing all manner of inside and outside leg kicks and hard forward pressure. He pushed Cavalcante against the fence and fired uppercuts, knees and hooks, all seemingly landing at will. Gaethje also managed to stuff the takedowns from the Brazilian, keeping Cavalcante responding to his offense.

While it wasn't particularly clear which strike caused the cut, referee Keith Peterson temporarily halted the action after observing the gash on Cavalcante's forehead appeared to be badly bleeding. Observation from the ringside doctor at the Revel Resort and Casino ended in the recommendation the entire contest be stopped.

Gaethje moves to 8-0 in professional MMA. Cavalcante, however, drops to 17-7.