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UFC 158 Undercard Live Blog: Cote vs. Voelker, Miller vs. Mein, More

Patrick Cote will face Bobby Voelker on the UFC 158 undercard on Saturday night.
Patrick Cote will face Bobby Voelker on the UFC 158 undercard on Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 158 undercard live blog for the St-Pierre vs. Diaz event at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

There will be seven fights on the undercard. Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker, Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins, Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein, John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank, Rick Story vs. Quinn Mulhern, T.J. Dillashaw vs. Issei Tamura, and George Roop vs. Reuben Duran be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 158 undercard live blog below.

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George Roop vs. Reuben Duran

Round 1: Phillippe Chartier is our referee. Roop tosses out a front kick. Head kick lands for Roop. Duran pushes back with a flurry. Another head kick from Roop. One-two from Duran staggers Roop. Duran catches a leg and barely misses an overhand hand. Duran changes levels and gets the double. Roop staying active from the bottom. Roop tries to shrimp out and fails, but connects with a few elbows in the process. Duran unable to mount any offense so far. More elbows from the bottom by Roop. Duran steps over into half guard. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Roop.

Round 2: Duran latches onto a single and walks it towards the cage. Roop defends, then spins out and takes Duran's back. Roop sits down and sinks in one of his hooks. Roop slithers his right arm across Duran's chin. Duran stands and escapes. Roop clinches Duran against the fence. Back in the center of the cage, Duran quickly muscles Roop to the mat. Duran working inside Roop's guard. Roop with a flurry of elbows from the bottom. Duran again unable to mount any offense. Roop stands. Duran working dirty boxing against the fence as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Roop.

Round 3: Roop wades inside but is quickly taken down. Roop stands, but Duran is still latched onto a double. He loses it and eats a few short punches against the fence for his troubles. More short shots from Roop, followed by a few knees. Roop changes levels and dumps Duran on the mat. Roop working from guard. Duran squirms out, but Roop takes his back and drags him down. Duran explodes to his feet. Roop grasps for wrist control with his back against the fence. Duran giving him no space. Duran with wrist control now. Roop lands successive knees to the midsection. And another one. Duran controlling the position but seems hesitant to throw anything. The action breaks free for one more flurry before the final horn. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Roop, and the fight 30-27 Roop.

George Roop def. Reuben Duran via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Issei Tamura

Round 1: Referee Yves Lavigne is the man in charge of the action. Inside leg kick connects for Tamura. Dillashaw looking for his range, grazes Tamura with a right. Tamura finds a home for counter straight right. Dillashaw feigns a shot, then changes levels and powers Tamura down. Tamura slowly works back to his feet. Dillashaw latches onto a single then drags Tamura down. Tamura immediately stands. Dillashaw giving Tamura no space against the cage. Again Tamura jumps right back to his feet after being dragged down. Dillashaw working short right hooks to the body. The crowd lustily boos and Lavigne splits the fighters. Head kick misses for Dillashaw. Dillashaw fakes low then barely misses with a high kick. Dillashaw stalks forward, winging punches but nothing lands. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Dillashaw.

Round 2: Tamura keeping his hands low. Dillashaw fakes a right then floors him with a left knee! Tamura crumbles. Dillashaw pounces, unloading a salvo of right hands. Lavigne rushes in to save Tamura. Wow.

T.J. Dillashaw def. Issei Tamura via knockout (knee and punches) at 0:26 of round 2.

Rick Story vs. Quinn Mulhern

Round 1: Marc-Andre Cote is our referee for this welterweight bout. Touch of gloves and we're off. Mulhern wings out a front kick. Story bulldozes inside and rocks Mulhern early. Mulhern drops. Back to his feet only to get cracked by another Story flurry. Mulhern responds with an overhand right. Story piecing together combinations at will right now. Impressive stuff from a man who said beforehand that he was fighting for his job. Mulhern eats a huge left hand. Story blasts Mulhern with a left to the eyeball. Mulhern is hurt. Story smells blood and unleashes a salvo of rights and lefts. Wild left hook drops Mulhern. Story rushes in and finishes his handiwork.

Rick Story def. Quinn Mulhern via TKO (strikes) at 3:05 of round 1.

John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank

Round 1: Referee Marc Goddard oversees this opening bout on FX. Measured start so far. Both fighters gauging distance. The crowd already getting a bit restless. The boos come down harder, Cruickshank opens with a Jon Jones-style oblique kick. Cruickshank pumps his jab and circles. The Montreal boo-birds are out in full force now. Cruickshank fakes high then low. Quick series of jabs snaps Makdessi's head back. Cruickshank blocks a head kick and answers with his own. Makdessi stops Cruickshank in his tracks with a right hook. Wayward kicks grazes Cruickshank's groin. After a brief stop in the action, we're back. Switch kick misses for Makdessi. Cruickshank powers in for a double but can't get it. Makdessi eats an elbow. Makdessi dodges a high kick and fires back. Slow round, but it heated up a bit there in the end. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank.

Round 2: Makdessi wades in with a left hand. Head kick sneaks through for Cruickshank. Side kick connects to the midsection of Makdessi, who answers with a solid leg kick. Cruickshank pressures forward with a combination. Left hand cracks Cruickshank. Spinning back kick from Makdessi. Cruickshank changes levels but Makdessi shakes him off. Makdessi eats a double jab and fires back. Makdessi pumps his own jab. Ax kick misses from Makdessi. Cruickshank does the same. Huge head kick, side kick combination connects for Cruickshank. Makdessi immediately responds with a flurry. Wild exchange closes out the round. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Makdessi.

Round 3: Makdessi turns up the pace to start the final frame. Cruickshank counters with a straight right down the pipe. Makdessi catches a kick and throws Cruickshank to the mat, only to let him back up. Makdessi starting to find his range. Cruickshank launches a wild wheel kick. Makdessi shakes off another telegraphed takedown attempt. Cruickshank eats a jab and counters. Makdessi sprawls away from a level change then allow Cruickshank to stand. Makdessi pressures forward. Spinning back kick to the body nails Cruickshank. Makdessi misses a spinning backfist, follows with a jab, and suffers a pretty significant eyepoke in the process. Goddard warns Cruickshank. Makdessi comes out like a man on fire, landing his jab at will. Cruickshank misses a pair of wheel kicks. Makdessi turning up the heat, picking Cruickshank apart. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Makdessi, and the fight 29-28 Makdessi.

John Makdessi def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein

Round 1: Marc-Andre Cote is our referee for this welterweight bout. Miller backs up Mein early with a series of jabs. Mein, making his UFC debut, stays calm and tosses out a straight left. Miller ducks under a right hook then powers Mein to the canvas. Miller looks to pass to half guard, then switches it up, steps over, and locks in a slick armbar. What a transition. Good defense from Mein, who steps over and slowly works his way out. Crazy start to the fight. We're back standing, and Miller staggers Mein with a right. Mein steps into a standing elbow. Body kick cracks into Mein's midsection. Mein paws out his jab, then fires a right hand down the pipe. Huge left hand floors Miller. Mein lets him back up, then cracks him with a looping right. Miller eats a jab, and another one. Right hand from Mein crumbles Miller. Mein unloads everything he's got. Miller in a fetal postion eating shot after shot. And that's all she wrote. Impressive showing by Mein.

Jordan Mein def. Dan Miller via knockout (strikes) at 4:42 of round 1.

Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1: Referee Yves Lavigne oversees this featherweight bout. Elkins closes the distance but Carvalho fights off the clinch. Elkins shoots for a double, then switches to a single. Carvalho defends successfully. Overhand right from Elkins misses wildly. Carvalho controlling the distance well so far. Carvalho cracks Elkins with a left hand as he comes in. Elkins muscles Carvalho against the fence, but Carvalho reverses and releases. Elkins barely dodges a heavy head kick. Elkins staggers Carvalho with a straight right, then drops him with another. Lavigne quickly jumps in to stop it, but Carvalho was already back on his feet. Carvalho protesting the stoppage and he has a strong case. This one is over though.

Darren Elkins def. Antonio Carvalho via knockout (punch) at 3:06 or round 1.

Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker

Round 1: Referee Phillippe Chartier oversees our final preliminary card bout. Chants of "Ole!" roll across the Montreal crowd. An exchange open the round, with Cote getting the better of it. Cote pressuring forward unloading a series of one-twos. Cote muscles Voelker against the fence. Cote lands a few short shots then releases. Voelker finds a home for a pair of right hands. Cote grimaces and shakes his head. Voelker trips Cote to the canvas and settles into his guard. Cote threatens with an armbar but Voelker defends. Voelker postures up then dives back inside. Cote unleashes a few elbows from the bottom. Cote incredibly active, stifling Voelker's offense. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Cote.

Round 2: Wild exchange to start. Cote cracks Voelker across the jaw. Voelker answers with a leg kick. Cote ducks under a right hook, then misses a jab. Another kick to the lead leg from Voelker, and another. Voelker pressures Cote against the fence. Cote reverses, then releases and unloads a salvo. Straight right smashes into Voelker. Voelker fires back. Cote misses with a superman punch. Huge knee from the clinch for Voelker. Another knee makes Cote close the distance against the cage. Voelker with a thai plum, Cote unleashes a flurry. Both fighters trading heavy leather. Crazy fight so far. Blood is streaming down Cote's face. Voelker trips Cote, but Cote quickly stands and reverses. Cote eats a big left hand, then fires back and shoots for a double. Voelker sprawls. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Cote.

Round 3: A wide cut is embedded across Cote's forehead. Voelker answers the bells on fire, crushing Cote with looping hooks. Cote clinches to slow the pace. Cote backs out and fires off a flying knee. Voelker closes the distance, only to find his back pressed against the fence. Cote with a heavy breath, takes a look up at the clock. Cote connects with an elbow off the break. Another wild flurry, and Cote eats a huge knee. Voelker muscles Cote to the canvas, unloading hammerfists from side control. Cote trying to scramble out. Grueling round so far. Voelker stifles Cote's escape, tossing him back down. Cote latches onto an armbar. Voelker defends and takes Cote's back. Cote swirls and stands. Voelker changes levels then dumps him with a double. Cote hunting for another desperation armbar but nothing gives. Voelker in complete control. Voelker rains down strikes from half guard as the final horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Voelker, and the fight 29-28 Cote.

Patrick Cote def. Bobby Voelker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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