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Morning Report: Uriah Hall knocks out Adam Cella in one of the most sobering moments in TUF history


Take a trip back to December. Under the warm glow of a Burbank steakhouse, UFC President Dana White finishes a forkful, then pauses for a moment to gush about the reason why he's here.

"I know you guys are going to call bulls--t on me and all that," he starts. "I told you guys, last season of The Ultimate Fighter was the worst season in the history of TUF. This next season is so awesome and so badass. We have a guy on this season of The Ultimate Fighter, every fight he's in, someone goes to the hospital.

"The whole house is terrified of this guy," he continues between bites. "F--king terrified. Everybody. I picked this fight, and this guy is lined up with the guy I'm telling you about, and the guy has a nervous breakdown in the house over the weekend. Has a f--king nervous breakdown. Freaks out and has a nervous breakdown. This guy scared the living s--t out of everyone. It's awesome."

Not surprisingly, White's words set off a deluge of intrigue. Was it legitimate? Was there a fighter leaving behind him a trail of terrified victims, or was it just more hyperbole from a notorious exaggerator?

Well, if you didn't catch it last night, this mystery man identified himself, and he did so in stunningly violent fashion. Video of the damage is below, though I will note that it leaves out the immediate aftermath, which was exceedingly frightening to say the least. But I'll just shut up and let you see for yourself.



TUF 17 results. In the episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17 that has been hyped for months, Uriah Hall utterly ruined Adam Cella, sending the Team Jones prospect to the hospital with a violent spinning heel kick late in the first round to advance to the tournament semifinals.

Aldo vs. Pettis. The power of a text message. UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is now expected to defend his title against No. 1 lightweight contender Anthony Pettis on August 3, 2013, in either Brazil, Las Vegas, Chicago or Texas.

Jackson, Shamrock among Bellator coaches. UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture will be joined be Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock and Joe Warren as coaches on Bellator's new reality television show, Fight Master, which will see 32 fighters competing for a spot in a Bellator tournament and a six-figure cash prize. Couture, who elected not to respond to Dana White's harsh criticism, will also host a show on Spike TV called MMA Rescue, which will see the former champ "help turn struggling gyms into thriving enterprises."

Velasquez eyeing summer return. Speaking on UFC Tonight, heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez said he is eyeing a return to action in the summer, while reiterating that he is willing to fight anyone the UFC puts in front of him except Daniel Cormier.

Ratings report. Last Saturday's UFC 156 prelims special drew 1,897,000 viewers to FX, besting the network's previous record -- 1,860,000 viewers -- which was set two weeks earlier for UFC on FX 7. Meanwhile, last week's edition of Bellator, headlined by Lloyd Woodard vs. David Rickels, averaged 705,000 viewers, a drop of 13-percent from the previous week, which featured a title fight and the debut of "King Mo" Lawal.

Gurgel signs with Invicta. Former Bellator women's champion Zoila Frausto Gurgel inked a multi-fight contract with Invicta Fighting Championships. Gurgel will make her debut against Jennifer Maia in a flyweight bout at Invicta's next event, tentatively targeted for April.



Prepare to see this gif in every comment thread for the next decade.


So, you might be a bit curious to learn more about how such a talented 28-year-old could go unnoticed for so long:

(HT: Reddit)


I may be a tad biased, but that photo of Antonio Silva towering over Alistair Overeem is easily the most striking MMA-related photo I've seen thus far this year.


Herb Dean fighting a guy wearing a t-shirt while Cecil Peoples referees? Ladies and gentlemen, we may have discovered the greatest video on the internet.

(HT: Reddit)


If you woke up today expecting to see Gina Carano armbar Michelle Rodriguez, then I'm slightly terrified of your fortune telling powers, but you're also in luck.


Lesson of the day: When Russians riot at an MMA show, they really riot. Watch this clip four different times and I guarantee you'll spot something new within the chaos each time.

(HT: Bloody Elbow)













Announced yesterday (Tuesday, February 5, 2012):



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes from tigerlee, who gives us the: MMA Transaction Wire: February 1 - 5

Lots of Female MMA signings, WSOF 2 announcements

Name Record Weight (Rank) Transaction Info (Date) Fight Card Opponent (Rank)
Ovince St. Preux 12-5-0 205 (39) Signed by UFC, Jan 28 TBD TBD
Quinton Jackson 32-11-0 205 (11) Free agent, Jan 27 TBD TBD
Nandor Guelmino 11-4-1 265 (60) Signed by UFC, Jan 31 TBD TBD
Cristiane Santos 10-1-0,1NC 145 (NR-I) Signed by UFC, Feb 1 TBD TBD
Yoel Romero Palacio 4-1-0 185 (NR-I) Signed by UFC, Feb 2 UFC FOX 7, Apr 20 Clifford Starks (101)
Dion Staring 28-8-0 205 (53-HW) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 James McSweeney (99)
James McSweeney 10-10-0 205 (99) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Dion Staring
Kelsey De Santis Debut (3-0 AM) 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Brighton Hutton (NR)
Brighton Hutton 1-1-0 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Kelsey De Santis
Taylor Stratford Debut (9-1 AM) 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Allanna Jones (NR)
Allanna Jones 1-1-0 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Taylor Stratford
Revelina Berto 3-0-0 145 (NR-I) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Peggy Morgan (NR)
Peggy Morgan 1-0-0 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Revelina Berto
Ashlee Evans-Smith Debut (5-4 AM) 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Tori Adams (NR)
Tori Adams 1-0-0 145 (NR) Signed by Championship FA, Feb 4 CFA 10, Mar 2 Ashlee Evans-Smith
Kaiyana Rain 0-1-0 115 (NR) Signed by Pacific XC, Feb 4 PXC 36, Mar 8 Kailin Curran (NR)
Kailin Curran Debut (3-1,1NC AM) 115 (NR) Signed by Pacific XC, Feb 4 PXC 36, Mar 8 Kaiyana Rain
Lacey Schuckman 7-6-0 105 (7) Signed by Sparta Combat SCL:Thunderdome, Feb 9 Darla Harris (NR)
Ryan LaFlare 7-0-0 170 (224) Signed by WSOF, Feb 5 WSOF 2, Mar 23 Josh Burkman (29)
Zoila Frausto Gurgel 12-2-0 125 (9) Signed by Invicta FC, Feb 5 IFC 5, Apr 6 TBA
Justin Gaethje 7-0-0 155 (138-WW) Signed by WSOF, Feb 5 WSOF 2, Mar 23 Gesias Cavalcante (83)

Much more, including noteworthy upcoming regional bouts, after the jump...

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